Osamodas is one of the Gods of the world of twelve. He is the God of the wild and beasts. He and his deciples are servents of Black magic. Osamdas is the creator of beasts and most monster that rome the planet. He is also the first God to step on the world of twelve, making him the founding God.

"Osamodas the beast keeper, his followers like him are protectors of the beasts and animals and are servents of black magic."


It's mostly unknown what Osamodas did before the founding of the world, what we do know is that he and his 3 primordial dragons traveled the universe conquering planets across the universe. That was until he came across a dead planet drained for wakfu. He decided to rest there with his dragons. Two of his dragons the black one and white one began fighting and as they fought they breathed fire the fire of life. This brought the planet back to life and seeing this Osamodas stopped conquering and started creating. So the God's found his on the world creating life and they soon joined him in creating the world of twelve.

  • In the Wakfu series, the gang encounters four princesses who are under a curse to be hideous, in which they say was caused by Osamodas himself. According to them, they were famous for their beauty and rejecting men left and right from their castle. Apparently, thdid beauty caught the eye of Osamodas, who tried to win their favor. Instead, the princesses laughed at him, calling him a bwork, and in turn the insulted god made them hideously terrifying, at least until the kiss of a prince would release them from the spell. He then cast a spell on their tower, making sure only ugly princesses got in. In season 3, his demigod daughter Michelle is among the mysterious Brotherhood, an organization (mainly composed of demigods) bent on replacing the gods of their world and believe they do not take good care of the universe. Little is known of Michelle’s feelings about her father, but she seems to dislike him and the other gods for not stopping the ongoing massacre of animals.
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