Osamodas Spell Animal BlessingOsamodas's Blessing

Class: Osamodas
Unlock/Evolution level: 1
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"Osamodos Blessing increases the Osamodos's Summoning Skill, allowing him to control more creatures at once! The Osa also gains critical damage bonus when in dragon form."

Level 1:

Spell Information

Grants the Osamodas "summoning skill", which allows them to summon more and/or higher level creatures depending on how much Command they have. It also grants a bonus to critical hit damage when the Osa goes into dragon form.

Summoning Skill

Summoning Skill is a stat unique to the Osamodas class. Command increases the player's summoning level. Summoning level determines the cumulative level of summoned creatures you can summon at one time. For each point of Command you possess, you gain as many summoning levels as you have summoning skill.
Example: You are level 20 with 5 summoning skill and 3 Command. You have 20 summoning levels from your character's level and since you have 3 Command and 5 summoning skill you gain an additional 15 summoning levels. So your total summoning level is 35 (20 + 15), therefore your summons' cumulative level can not surpass 35.

Spell Progression

+Summoning Skill0011223344556677889910
+Critical Hit Damage%0246810121416182022242628303234363840

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