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Oropo is the main antagonist of season 3 and the central villain of the series overall. He is a mysterious Eliotrope and the leader of a secret guild known only as The Siblings. His goal is to one day destroy the current gods of the World of Twelve and replace them with their demigod children.



Oropo, alongside his people, was created by a time warp when Yugo fought Ogrest using the Six Eliatrope Dofus. This led to the accidental creation of the Eliotrope people in Yugo's image. The time warp scattered them throughout history, causing them to exist in the world thousands of years prior to their own creation. However, over the years, each Eliotrope died from one reason to another, until Oropo was the last. He lived for so long because whenever an Eliotrope died his or her power would be added to another still-living Eliotrope, which increased their power and added to their natural lifespan. His age-long life, combined with his identity crisis of being Yugo and yet not. This left him insane and bitterly vengeful against both his creator and the gods who didn't hear his people's prayers and sought to replace them. To that end, Oropo worked from the shadows to set into motion many a series of events in order to weaken the god's power. It was then revealed that Oropo manipulated Dathura and Ogrest's relationship leading to Ogrest's Chaos, and when the time was right, he made sure Nox found the Eliacube. He also began gathering his brotherhood of replacement gods, recruiting their demigod children by preying on their bitterness towards their divine parents. But only Echo knew of his true plans and the rest were replaced one by one when they became suspicious of his goals or if their sacrifices would benefit his plans. Though his plans were coming to fruition, his own life was reaching its end and he would soon vanish. This made him even more determined to see his plans through.


Season 3

Oropo finally decided to set his plans into motion and sent Poo and Toxxine to abduct Elely, Flopin, and Evangelyne who was pregnant with her third child. He intended to have them join his Brotherhood and have Elely and Flopin become the new Iop Goddess and Cra God. Adamaï went as well, easily taking Eva and Flopin while he attempted to murder Percedal and used his link to Yugo to make him see his attempt on Dally's life.

Later, the Brotherhood of the Tofu arrived in Oropo's pocket dimension where his base of operations, the Tower of Dreams, was located. He laid a Xelor trap to subdue them and used his power to toy with their minds, except for Elely, whose soul was pure, and he spoke to her that he wanted her to join his Brotherhood of her own free will and become the new Iop Goddess.

Afterward, Oropo released Yugo, Percedal, Amalia, and Ruel and invited them to enter his Tower of Dreams. On each floor of this tower was a demigod meant to replace their godly parent, and challenged them to face his cohorts, to pit their will against his allies' beliefs. He promised them whatever they wanted if they made it to the top with their beliefs unshaken.

Afterward, Oropo and Adamai fall back to the top of the tower where Adamai questions Oropo why they don't just crush the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Oropo, having probed their minds, is utterly confident that the Brotherhood of the Tofu is already defeated and that their journey up the tower will make them suffer while strengthening the convictions of their own comrades.

Adamai still doubts but Oropo dismisses his warning, saying what chance the Brotherhood of the Tofu could have against them, with Adamai empowered by the Six Eliatrope Dofus and Oropo the Eliacube.

Observing the Brotherhood of the Tofu

Oropo and Adamai continue to debate the Brotherhood of the Tofu's progress through the tower and their candidates to replace the gods. At some point, they are joined by Echo and interrupted by Toxxine who informs them that Eva and Flopin have managed to escape Echo's floor. Oropo requests Echo and Toxxine to recapture the mother and son, and then later they sense a great power distorting Oropo's pocket dimension and destabilizing the tower. He asks Adamaï to find out what's going on and Adamaï to report back that Evangelyne has gone into labor, that it's her baby causing the disturbance.

He requests Adamai's help to keep the tower and dimension stable; this results in Adamai needing to release the Eliatrope Dofus from his body so the Eliacube can exert enough power for Oropo to keep things under control. Finally, Oropo breaks down the tower while having the pieces and debris float gently down instead of fall and prepares a giant portal for his ultimate goal, setting the structure for the portal to the ground and finding Amalia (who was sent to Oropo by Sipho).

Seeing her, Oropo embraces her with a deep desire and carries her upwards before kissing her. Amalia is confused when she peers under Oropo's hood and is shocked by what she sees that she utters, "Yugo?!"

Revealing his True Intentions

Oropo responds that he's Yugo in a way but before he can explain he calls upon Adamai telling him it is time. Adamai appears, asking Oropo if he is certain, stating once he starts there is no turning back. Oropo responds he made his decision centuries ago and prepares the Eliacube and the Eliatrope Dofus. He then calls upon the members of his Brotherhood and uses his spheres to teleport them to his location (Arpagone prevents the spheres from taking her and Ruel, stating she and her husband still have things to discuss). He telepathically instructs Sipho (currently disguised as Amalia) to keep watch over Eva and her children, and for Echo to bring Yugo to him.

Oropo then explains to Amalia that he and Yugo are one and the same, he feels what Yugo feels; he views Ruel as a father, Adamai, and Percedal as brothers, Evangelyne as a sister. On the other hand, for Amalia he feels love (because Yugo feels that way for Amalia) before he kisses her again.

The rest of the Siblings, along with Yugo arrive, and Echo and Yugo are shocked to see Oropo kissing Amalia, and when Amalia questions Oropo's goals; Echo furiously scolds Amalia only for Oropo to tell her to calm down.

Oropo then rises up, declaring to the Siblings how long it's been that he's promised them the opportunity for a new world and that they would replace the gods, as he begins to power up his Hyperzaap portal.

Yugo protests Oropo, saying he's as crazy as all the rest, only for Oropo and Adamai to admonish him. The latter reminds Yugo that using the Six Eliatrope Dofus against Ogrest's Six Primordial Dofus would have consequences and tells Yugo to think back on what happened.

Yugo recalls that when he used the Dofus he saw images of what appeared to be Eliatropes. Oropo hints to Yugo as the young Eliatrope begins to realize that what he saw were not Eliatropes but versions of himself.

Oropo explains that Yugo, who had not been ready to use the Dofus, his deepest desire when he did had been to find his people, the Eliatropes. Within that instant, the Dofus distorted Yugo's wish. Oropo then has a brief seizure of sorts and Amalia helps him to his feet, as Oropo continues to explain:

He and the other versions of Yugo were created and somehow transported to the dawn of the World of Twelve. For millennia, they all lived in fear of altering history, their every moment uncertain and plagued by doubt. As time passed they gained more and more access to Yugo's memories, his feelings, his powers, his desires. However much they cherished them they knew none of it was not truly their own.

Growing up under Yugo's shadow, one of them named their people Eliotropes to set them apart from the Eliatropes.

Yugo reacts by charging at Oropo, only for Adamai to stand in his way. The two brothers then clash but Yugo refuses to fight his brother while Adamai bitterly brutalizes him.

Amalia then calls out to Yugo that she doesn't need him, and states they should hear what Oropo has to say since even Adamai sides with him.

Oropo continues the story of the Eliotropes, that whenever one of them died their power was added to the rest, which also extended their lifespans; Oropo is the last of the Eliotropes, having outlived and inherited all the power of his Eliotrope brothers, which is why he's lived for so long. When Yugo asks what bone he has to pick with the gods, Oropo answers because the gods were deaf and indifferent to the Eliotropes prayers for help and salvation. He goes onto say that the gods care for no one, not even their own children, only valuing worship.

He declares the gods must be stopped and that his Brotherhood will replace them, and reprimands Yugo, the Father of the Eliotropes, as an accusing hypocrite.

At this point, Echo speaks up, saying Oropo is good at playing "holier than thou"; that he lies as easily as he breathes because the Eliacube combined with the Eliatrope Dofus would explode with such power that it would destroy the world of Inglorium and the gods with it. Ignoring Oropo's order to shut up, Echo goes on to add that in order to weaken the gods for this plan to work the gods must be cut off from the source of their power, the worship, and prayers of their followers.

Echo's words help Adamai realize the Oropo is planning to use the Eliacube and Dofus as a bomb to destroy the World of Twelve to stop the prayers and worship of the gods. Adamai tries to take back the Dofus only for Oropo to use his spheres to subdue the dragon. He then does the same to Echo.

Amalia questions Oropo's actions, and he responds he was prepared in case his followers (being demigods) dared to turn against him, and Amalia realizes she was wrong about Oropo, as he summons more spheres and directs them to attack Yugo with a volley of lasers.

Thankfully, Percedal and Goultard arrive to back Yugo up as they aid him in destroying some of the spheres, and then Yugo and Oropo clash.

Oropo draws Yugo into some kind of inner world where he confronts Yugo, the Father of the Eliotropes, and declares him to be no different from the gods, one who created life but didn't care for his children. Images of other Eliotropes appear and point accusing fingers at Yugo as Oropo finally lowers his hood, revealing he truly is another version of Yugo albeit older in appearance.

He then absorbs Yugo, intending to replace him as the "real" Yugo, and in the real world everyone looks on as the clash between Yugo and Oropo clears and they see only Oropo but now radiating with power.

Yugo is trapped inside Oropo's mind where he is subject to a scenario and confronted by phantasms of Nox and Qilby as manifestations of his own self-doubts, guilt, and flaws.

Unmasking the Deciever

Meanwhile, Oropo boasts in his victory of absorbing Yugo and believing that he has truly become the "real Yugo", surprised by how easy it was. Adamai, still subdued by Oropo's spheres, demands an explanation about Oropo's lies. Oropo brushes him off while admitting he had manipulated them all but justifies his deceit by stating it was necessary, and that together they will remake the universe. He dismisses their doubts by saying he didn't have time to convince them all by telling the full truth of his plans.

Echo reminds Oropo that he told her everything, and Oropo responds because she was the one he always counted on, because of her love and support which had blinded Echo to Oropo's madness. He apologizes that he can't return her love because he "loves" Amalia, who calls Oropo as crazy as all the villains she and her friends have faced. This hurts Oropo and he asks Amalia not to say that and says to her that he is Yugo.

Amalia rejects him by saying she knows Yugo and notes the differences between him and Oropo: Yugo doesn't lie to his friends and family, he doesn't use and manipulate them, or turn them against each other.

She goes on by pointing out that Oropo turned Adamai against his brother and his friends, that Oropo used his follower's devotion to make them do whatever he wanted. Following with that he's tricked them with his promises, and that he is not nor could he ever be Yugo.

Oropo simply dismisses Amalia's words, arrogantly affirming that eventually, she'll see things his way. He then goes on to say to his followers they are but children who don't know what's best compared to him who has lived for ages and that they have to trust him.

Echo bitterly laughs at Oropo's words even as his spheres cause her pain, the other Siblings looking on with concern and beginning to doubt Oropo. Echo then forces herself to stand and state how she trusted and followed Oropo for centuries, drank his words and believed in his cause. Worst of all she'd thought he loved her, that he'd loved all their fellow Siblings who'd looked up to him, trusted him, thought that they'd mattered to Oropo. But the truth was that they were all just pawns to Oropo.

Oropo states the contrary but Echo continues to speak, that they had only been a surrogate family to Oropo because he'd always considered the Brotherhood of the Tofu to be his "real family" due to his obsession with becoming the "real Yugo". She then tells Amalia that she is right, that Oropo is a monster, and Oropo begins to get angry as he wills the spheres to hurt Echo more.

Echo doesn't stop speaking and reveals to the Siblings that Oropo has recruited hundreds of demigods over the ages and never hesitated to sacrifice them if it suited his plans or if they dared to turn against him!

Oropo teleports to Echo and grabs her by the throat, telling her to shut up as he creates an energy blade of Wakfu, placing it near Echo's throat, to the horror and disgust of his followers. Oropo demands obedience and Echo goads him to hurt her, to kill her. Oropo seems to consider it a moment before he steps back, shaken by the pain on Echo's face... before he confesses to them all that Echo is right.

He confesses that he has used them, lied to them, and rhetorically questions what kind of supreme god would he be if he did not face his own faults?

Having heard enough, Goultard attacks Oropo, who easily counters Goultard, destroying his weapon and blasting him away with a powerful energy burst. He then raining multiple blasts of energy upon Goultard, whom Oropo calls a fine example of the futility of the gods.

He goes on to arrogantly declare he acted in his followers' best interests in the pursuit of creating a more just world.

Mishell and Ush question Oropo while Dathura admits she knows what Oropo did to her, manipulating her to bring about Ogrest's Chaos. The rest of the Siblings are shocked by this revelation, that Oropo is ultimately responsible for Ogrest's Chaos and all the pain and suffering that resulted from it. All of this, Oropo excuses as a necessary evil. Echo adds that Oropo was the one who caused Noximillian the Watchmaker to find the Eliacube, which Oropo excuses as a necessary evil to bring forth those who would lead them. (Remorseless of how it led to the Watchmaker becoming the mad Xelor Nox, who became insane and desperate to go back in time to save his family). The Siblings realize that their own sufferings were in part the fault of Oropo. Mishell then angrily rushes to attack him only for his spheres to painfully subdue her, as are the rest of them subdued by Oropo's spheres.

Amalia calls Oropo a monster and summons vines to attack him and he reflexively counters and blows her into a wall, knocking her unconscious.

The Battle for the World of Twelve

Within Oropo's mind, Yugo is being tortured by the phantasms of Nox and Quilby as they mock and brutalize him. But Yugo finally manages to score a hit on the phantasm of Nox, which actually has the same effect on Oropo in the real world, and he realizes Yugo is fighting to escape him.

In the scenario and in the real world Yugo and Percedal respectively manage to score a hit that sends Oropo flying due to his distraction from Yugo. This infuriates him as he blows away Percedal and tries a different tactic to break Yugo's spirit by having him face a phantasm of Adamai before he joined the Siblings. A manifestation of Yugo's guilt of fighting his own brother, as well as Yugo's growing guilt of how his ignorance and actions led to the suffering of the Eliotropes.

Oropo then turns his attention to the Eliacube and Eliatrope Dofus, declaring that everything will soon be over, that once the Eliacube is ready he will destroy the gods, and once it was over his followers would join him whether they want to or not. The Eliacube then begins to absorb the Dofus as Oropo prepares it for his insane purpose.

He is then attacked by Percedal again who keeps him distracted while Goultard sets the Siblings free of Oropo's spheres. Oropo tells Percedal not to fight him, stating they are friends. But Percedal rejects him by saying his friend is Yugo and Oropo is just another lunatic.

The Iop attacks Oropo with a flurry of punches that are blocked by the Eliotrope's power but cave after a more powerful punch that blows Oropo back a little.

He angrily states that he is Yugo, and grows increasingly furious that no one is accepting him as Yugo. They continue to fight and Oropo furiously declares that from now on any who won't accept him he'll destroy, and he hits Percedal with a powerful blast.

Sensing his friend is in danger, Yugo snaps out of his guilt-ridden stupor and finds himself back in Oropo's inner world and begins looking for a way out. A figment of Oropo resembling his mask tries to dissuade Yugo and fill him with doubt to convince him to let Oropo be the real Yugo, to let him handle all the burdens Yugo carries on his shoulders.

But Yugo refuses to listen, to believe that he could ever become anything like Oropo and that he will stop the mad Eliotrope no matter what.

Yugo breaks free of Oropo and emerges from the Eliotrope's head. A brief friendly exchange between Yugo and Percedal is soured when Oropo hypocritically lays all blame upon Yugo before he continues his work on having the Eliacube absorb the Dofus.

Adamai, having been freed by Goultard, join the face-off and Oropo repeats his wishes to create a better world where they are not governed by gods who care nothing for them and reminds him that it's because of Yugo that he (Oropo) exists in the first place, blaming Yugo for all his own faults and misdeeds.

Adamai reminds Oropo that to achieve his goal he intends to destroy the World of Twelve.

Oropo excuses his intention that evolution requires sacrifice.

They witness the Eliacube absorb another Dofus as the Hyperzaap begins to power up and Yugo and Adamai team up, ignoring Oropo's pleas to let him complete his work, as Adamai distracts him while Yugo goes to the Eliacube. He subdues its power, channeling the power of the dragons to create a Wakfu sword before facing Oropo, who teleports out of Adamai's grasp and knocks him aside before he answers Yugo's challenge, conjuring a sword of his own.

Although he notes how Yugo has faced powerful adversaries like Ogrest and Nox, he calls himself a more experienced version of the young Eliatrope, asking what chance he has, while Yugo simply begins the fight. At first they seem evenly matched but Oropo, knowing the type of tactics Yugo employs, quickly counters Yugo's attacks and begins to overwhelm him.

The Eliacube Bomb

As the fight drags on, Oropo has Yugo on the run but then he experiences a seizure that causes his spheres to lose power and the Siblings are able to move. Oropo quickly teleports to the Eliacube, saying how he is slowly but surely fading, that without the Eliacube he would have faded long ago. He again lays blame at Yugo's feet and is about to attack him only for Amalia to wrap Oropo in vines. The Sadida Princess states that everyone has their flaws, a dark side, but what truly defines a hero is not to succumb to it, and stating Oropo has done many evils, blaming Yugo as an excuse for his wrongdoings because he couldn't accept he was in the wrong despite knowing it was true deep down.

She states that Oropo is nothing like Yugo because the defining difference between them is that for all his mistakes Yugo would sacrifice himself before letting harm befall his loved ones.

Although moved by Amalia's words and seeing there is yet love in Echo's eyes for him, Oropo angrily refuses to change his mind and see his goal to the end. He draws power from the Eliacube to take on a larger form composed of pure Wakfu to protect himself as he finishes preparing the Eliacube.

The heroes are uncertain of what to do, as the Eliacube is getting ready to explode: If they don't stop Oropo he'll venture through the Hyperzaap to destroy Inglorium and the Gods with it. If they do, it is Oropo's dimension along with them all that will be destroyed.

But they are compelled to act as Adamai, Yugo, and Percedal take flight to oppose Oropo.

Ruel and his wife Arpagone throw their shovel and pickaxe, which damage Oropo's avatar form. Elely taps into her divine power to score a powerful hit (and is quickly pulled out of harm's way by Amalia). Despite the heroes' efforts, they aren't getting anywhere against Oropo and his avatar form as he is almost finished preparing the Eliacube.

In the crossfire, Oropo accidentally destroys Mishell's giant frog whose stomach carried sleeping animals that were her beloved friends, killing them all. The loss of her beloved animals spurs a grieving Mishell to fruitlessly attack Oropo who is struck by a memory of having cared for Mishell's animals along with her, causing him a moment of guilt which is instantly forgotten when the last Dofus is absorbed by the Eliacube.

Ignoring Adamai's words, Oropo opens the Hyperzaap, ready to send the Eliacube to destroy the realm of the gods.

Echo states there is still a way to stop Oropo and bids Sipho farewell before releasing black feathers upon the heroes and the Siblings which magically send them through the portal before Oropo can stop them. He calls her insane but she declares whatever he does next, it's over; if he sends the bomb through, the gods will be destroyed, including the children meant to replace them.

Furiously, Oropo demands how she could betray him and she responds by saying she asks him the same question, shaking Oropo to his core. He angrily states it was all to make a better world and goes through the portal. But as he goes through, he recalls the many memories he shared with the Siblings, playing games of chance with Ush, helping Black Bump with his collection, watching a sunset with Echo, and being reminded how she had always been at his side.

Oropo goes back to Echo, commenting on the risk she took, which she acknowledges was worth it. He and Echo make amends, Oropo calmly saying he really did just want to make a better world and wishing things had been different, which Echo acknowledges.

They share true love's kiss right before the Eliacube explodes, killing them and destroying Oropo's dimension.


His identity is shrouded in mystery. Oropo is very calm and persuasive individual able to win others to his side with these traits. He claims to hate violence and chaos and is lenient on others despite what he considers flaws in their personalities. However, he is also completely opinionated in the righteousness of his cause and will get visibly angry if it's questioned by those on his own side (as when Adamai pointed out some of the flaws in his chosen candidates for god replacements). He also follows the principles of the end justifies the means and that sacrifice is necessary for change. He refers to himself as a non-existence.

Once his identity was revealed, Oropo shows a much darker side to himself. Despite wanting to save the world, his ultimate plan still involves destroying all life on the planet, to eliminate the prayers going to the gods, making them vanish. Despite being in a relationship with Echo, Oropo gladly kissed Amalia, due to having some of Yugo feelings and memories. Furthermore, he shows a hatred towards Yugo for his existence and views him as having abandoned his creations despite knowing that Yugo himself was never aware of their existence. Furthermore, he has led the Siblings for ages, has recruited hundreds of followers over the centuries, and never hesitating to sacrifice any of them if it served his plans. He had no qualms about lying, using, or manipulating others and excused his actions or hypocritically shifted blame onto someone else.

His actions, his reasons, and his extremes make Oropo no better than the gods he wishes to destroy.

Deep down, Oropo knows his actions and reasons for doing them are wrong and selfish, and he truly loved the Siblings, considering them his family, and he had been in love with Echo.

His greatest flaw had been his obsession with becoming the "real Yugo", to take Yugo's place, and joining the Brotherhood of the Tofu, whom he saw as a family because of the feelings and memories he'd inherited from Yugo that blinded him to the love and devotion of Echo and his friends until it was too late.

Powers & Abilities

Oropo is extremely powerful, capable of bending time and space in the creation of his multi-dimensional dream tower. Furthermore, it has somehow taken over the Eliacube, which can make its user as strong as a god. It can also enter people's minds through the complaints of their doubts and fears. When his people, the Eliotrope, died, their Wakfu moved to Oropo, retaining all the Wakfu of their race once dead.

Strength: Oropo is outrageously strong much stronger than Goultard and Tristepin was, he was able to humiliate them in terms of physical strength.

Speed: Oropo is able to move at incredible speeds, appearing and disappearing all of a sudden that it looks like he is teleporting.

Resistance: Oropo possesses an incredible resistance but he is not invulnerable to physical harm.

Durability: By possessing the Eliacubo, Oropo can fight eternally, he has an infinite Wakfu thanks to the eliacube

Mental Manipulation: Oropo possessed powers to manipulate the mind, allowing him to sway those around him and even mess with their heads.

Flight: Oropo had the power to fly and even float in the air

Wakfu Powers: Oropo had the power to manipulate Wakfu, often as energy attacks or even manifest blades of Wakfu energy. His greatest display of this power was manifesting a large avatar of green Wakfu energy that had the same owl-like face of his mask, as well as creating and maintaining a pocket dimension that housed his Tower of Dreams


Besides his considerable powers, Oropo made us of various equipment, such as:

Spheres: Oropo's Spheres worked as extensions of his awareness, a means to subdue targets, and even as weapons to fire energy lasers. Even more amazing was how they could be used to teleport himself or others to another location.

The Eliacube: Oropo made use of the Eliacube many times to increase his powers and ultimately as a bomb in an attempt to to destroy the Gods of the World of Twelve.
According to Oropo, he would have died a long time ago without it.


Lady Echo

Echo is the second-in-command to Oropo and his lover, as well as his oldest comrade, perhaps even the first demigod he has ever recruited, as Echo claims that she has been by Oropo's side for centuries. She is one of the few people that he absolutely trusts and trusts, and at some point, they fell in love.

However, Oropo took Echo for granted as he was blinded by his obsession in becoming the "real Yugo" and the emotions he felt for Amalia that was really Yugo's causing him to think he loved Amalia when it was really an obsession born from emotions and memories that were not his own. Upon finally meeting Amalia, he kissed her and was caught in the act by Echo who was deeply hurt by this betrayal.

Echo turned against Oropo, revealing his deceptions and manipulations that Oropo came very close to killing her out of anger but restrained himself at the last second

In the end, Echo foiled Oropo's plans by forcing him to choose between sacrificing all his beloved followers to achieve his age-long goal or giving up. He almost chose to go through with it until he realized that his feelings for the Brotherhood of the Tofu were misplaced because they were not his own, and that it was the Siblings who were his family, that it had always been Echo he had truly loved.

Oropo gave up his ambition and returned to Echo, where they made amends shared one last kiss before they died together in the explosion of the Eliabomb, killing them both and destroying Oropo's dimension.

The Siblings

Oropo is the leader of the Forgotten and they treat him like their savior and have complete faith in him. At some point, he entered into a relationship with Echo. However, despite caring for his followers, he has voiced some disappointment in their feelings toward his plan as he knows most are following him for their belief in him rather than belief in his cause, which he claims is not the same thing. With the full scope of his plans revealed, Echo surmises that the Siblings had really just been a substitute family for the Brotherhood of the Tofu he desired. Indeed, Oropo has led the Siblings for ages and recruited hundreds of members over the centuries and never hesitating to sacrifice any of them if it served his plans. It was only at the end however that he realized that he had truly grown to love them, that he did see them as his family.

Brotherhood of The Tofu

Despite being centuries old and this supposedly being their first encounter, he acts as if he has a history with the Brotherhood of Tofu. He seems more interested in putting them through emotional wringers to face themselves rather than killing them. He refers to Ruel as an old friend and claims that he knows Yugo better than anyone. He also admits that he finds them endearing despite what he sees as their faults, but at the same time they remind him of what he is not.

After revealing his hidden origin, Oropo revealed that he sees each of the Brotherhood as his family. This is due to him being a mirror image of Yugo and thus shares all his feelings towards the rest of the Brotherhood of Tofu. He sees Ruel as a father, Adamai and Percedal as his brothers, and Evangelyne as his sister. The only one he does not see as a family is Amalia, as he loves her and desires to be with her, just like the rest of the Eliotrope race.

However, his "love" for them all was not real but rather an obsession he developed because of the feelings and memories of them he'd inherited from Yugo, who he bitterly resented and sought to replace. His bitterness and obsession blinded him to the family had truly had with the Siblings and the true love he had in Echo.


  • The first episode of season 4 will focus on Oropo.