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Orgonax was the youngest member of the Mechasm and one of the reasons that the Eliatrope race had vanished.



Orgonax was the youngest member of the Mechasm people that settled on the Eliatropes' home planet several millennia before Xelor's Clock. Orgonax is the Mechasm whose heart was stolen by Qilby to create the first Eliacube. While his experiment was successful, his actions spurred the Mechasms' attack on Eliatropes, leading to their exodus. Later, Orgonax finds the Eliatropes on their new planet, now known as the World of Twelve, and leads a second attack. This time, however, he seems to be the only Mechasm involved, with alien races under his command (for the most part, Lu-Fus).

Although the cost was tremendous, the last surviving Eliatrope first born Nora vanquished Orgonax using the goddess Eliatrope's power, seemingly ending the Mechasms' quest for vengeance.


in the game Islands of Wakfu, where he serves as the final boss. His depictions have some variation, but in all cases he is a hulking construction of metal, with stubby legs and a very small head. His torso is particularly large and features what looks like a Feca shield. Some illustrations also show large, wing-like tools attached to his back.



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