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Ogrest is a gigantic blue-eyed ogre, and has been present since the Dofus era. He is a great beast who caused Ogrest's Chaos, effectively flooding the world, and even sinking the nation of Sufokia to the bottom of the ocean.



Ogrest was accidentally created from Ogrines and a piece of candy a long time ago by a Feca alchemist named Otomai.

He was infatuated by Dathura and for her. He, filled with determination, tracked down and acquired the powerful Six Primordial Dofus, and in doing so gained more power than the gods of the World of Twelve.

Unfortunately, the deceptive and manipulative Dathura only cared about the Dofus and, in a fit of woeful rage, he willingly threw her into an abyss.

He then grievously trudged to the peak and summit of Mount Zinit to despair, mourn, and everlastingly cried, alas, causing the great deluge that flooded the World of Twelve, dividing it into the various Nations and lands that we know now in the Wakfu era.

Ogrest now stands as the primary villain of the world of Wakfu, the Ogre which every aspiring disciple of the twelve everlasting gods long to defeat.

Ogrest sits at the top of Mount Zinit and can cause the damaging Ogrest's Chaos to random Nation areas, disturbing their ecosystems.


Small Ogrest

  • Bottomless stomach: Ogrest's most used weapon is his stomach is a pocket dimension and the getaway is his mouth. He can eat anything that can fit in his mouth without getting full.
  • Durability: Ogerst can survive almost anything that hits him, including rocks, explosions, ships and more. It is also possible to injure him, with enough power.
  • Healing factor: Ogrest can heal continuously fast.
  • Stamina: Ogrest can fight creature twice his size.
  • Flight: With his long ears flapping fast enough he can fly.
  • Tears: One of his most dangerous power is his tears. One tear can became its own water source, able to flood as if it came from the sea. These tears also have magic that can heal.
  • Dragon control: After acquiring the Dofus and swallowing them (as well as losing them), he acquired the ability to control the 6 dragons.

Primordial Ogrest

  • Unmatched strength: After consuming the Primordial Dofus, Ogrest attained strength that was greater than the Gods themselves, and defeated them in their attempt to defeat the powerful ogre.
  • Unmatched speed: Ogrest is the fastest being alive, and is able to out run even the Gods.
  • Unmatched stamina: Ogrest is able to fight for very long periods of time.
  • Unmatched durability: Ogrest can brush off powerful hits, blast off Gods, and even destroy mountains.
  • Healing factor: Due to his previously listed abilities, it is presumed Ogrest has great healing powers that can treat his injuries at fast rates.
  • Tears: Already dangerous in his child form, Ogrest's tears in his Primordial version are exceedingly amplified, which caused Ogrest's Chaos, sinking a large amount of the World of Twelve's landmasses.

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