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Nox is a major antagonist of the French cartoon, Wakfu, based on the game of the same name. He desires to steal Wakfu from any and all sources to power the Eliacube, a mystical cube of incredible power that appears to speak to him, so he can go back in time to save his family from death. Because he is trying to go back in time, he is ruthless in the pursuit of his goal and will sacrifice as many lives as he needs to gather Wakfu (life force/energy), as he believes that when he goes back in time, all of his crimes will disappear, as if they never happened.


Pre- Wakfu, Season 1[]

Before his descent into the maniacal and ruthless Xelor known as Nox, Noximilien Coxen was a human inventor and Horologist who had a wife and three children whom he loved dearly. They also had a pet Bow Wow (dogs are called Bow Wows in Wakfu) named Igôle.

Despite the happiness that his family brought him, he was depressed that he could not provide for his family financially; he often had to negotiate with his landlord over his accumulating debt. While showing off his latest invention -a portable clock that can fly- to his family on a beach, his invention becomes erratic and flies off and Igôle chases after it. Noximilien runs after them and finds them in a cave, where he stumbles upon the Eliacube and witnesses it's extraordinary power when it fixes his invention- against his wife's advice, Noximilien takes the Eliacube back to his workshop to study. Unfortunately though, the Eliacube seems to affect those who come into contact with it- both Noximilien and Igôle become increasingly obsessed by the Eliacube, which reaches a point where Noximilien and Igole barely eat or sleep and no longer see his family.

Over time, his body becomes malnourished and decayed. His wife eventually leaves him when she realizes she cannot get through to him, leaving a note that she and the children have gone to stay with her sister and he is welcome to rejoin them when he has given up the Eliacube. When he finally leaves his workshop, he discovers his house to be abandoned and finds the note written by his wife. Just as it seems he is about to go and join them, he looks to his workshop and decides to finish something he believed to take a short amount of time. However, he ended up staying for much longer. After which, his landlord brings him the tragic news that his wife and children were killed in a flood. Noximilien, already halfway insane by this point, is driven over the edge by grief and rage. In his madness, he hears the Eliacube talking to him, telling him that he can fix "his life's clock" by harnessing the power of the Eliacube to reverse time- if he just has enough Wakfu. This event marks the end of Noximilien and the rise of Nox.

Wakfu, Season 1[]

For 200 years since that fateful day, Nox ravaged the land, absorbing Wakfu from all living things he can find. During this time, Nox builds an army of mechanical machines to drain Wakfu and do his bidding and becomes a Xelor, a time wizard, learning their magic so that he can try and reverse time with the power of the Eliacube, if he can get enough Wakfu.

The story begins when Nox discovers the mysterious Grougaloragran (who Nox notices has massive stores of Wakfu), seemingly an old man pushing a baby in a baby carriage. When Nox challenges Grougaloragran, he is shocked to discover that Grougaloragran is a dragon, disguised in human form. Nox loses this battle to Grougaloragran, but is determined to acquire his Wakfu one day. Grougaloragran takes the baby (named Yugo who grows up to be our protagonist) to a village where he leaves him with a man named Alibert to raise. As Grougaloragran's powers allow him to see someone's soul, he could tell that Alibert was a good man and would raise Yugo well.

Twelve years later, Nox picks up Grougaloragran's trail once again, having discovered the now 12-year-old Yugo, who has just discovered his Eliatrope powers of being able to create portals. Nox appears and attempts to coerce information about Grougaloragran from Yugo and his friends, but is attacked in turn by an enraged Alibert and others. Nox uses a weak time-stop spell, which freezes them, but Alibert manages to break through the spell and attacks Nox. Nox decides to retreat and steals some of Alibert's wakfu so that he can teleport away. This ages Alibert, turning his hair white.

Nox remains absent throughout much of the first half of the season, tracking Yugo and his friends' movements as they search for Yugo's real family, with the hope that their journey would lead him to Grougaloragran. He takes a much more active role in later episodes.

After Yugo and his friends found themselves on Oma island, where Grougaloragran and Adamai resides, Nox's noxins where able to signal the island's location to the Xelor, who then sent his Grambo minions ahead to build a series of clock generators, which would create a portal big enough for his clock to get through so he can get to the island. Just as he arrived, Nox was confronted by Grougaloragran and the Brotherhood of the Tofu. However, Grougaloragran teleports them to another location, claiming that the battle with Nox is his alone. During the battle, Nox brought forth three of his puppet minions, Marama, Frisco and Tartufo to aid him as backup. Eventually, Nox unleash a powerful time-stop spell which freezes Grougaloragran. He then had his clock begin draining the dragon off his Wakfu. When Nox told him his plans, Grougaloragran responded that turning back time is impossible and that it would destroy the fabric of the world. Being unable to persuade the Xelor to stop his quest, he sent all of his Wakfu back to his dofus before Nox could take it all. Just before returning to his dofus, Grougaloragran alerts the Brotherhood of the Tofu of his failure to stop Nox and told them that the Xelor plans to drain the Tree of Life off its Wakfu, which horrified Amalia Sheran Sharm since the tree is connected with her people, the Sadidas. After recovering, Nox then tried to locate Grougaloragran's whereabouts and discovered that the dragon had destroyed himself to prevent him from taking all of his Wakfu. He then orders Igole, his pet Bow Wow, to hunt down Yugo and Adamai while they searched for Grougaloragran's dofus. However, when Igole didn't return to his master, due to having been tamed by Master Drill's daughter, Lottie, Nox was infuriated that Igole never returned to him.

When Nox invaded the Sadida kingdom, the Sadidas, having been alerted by the brotherhood, used their magic to prevent the Xelor from reaching the Tree of Life. Nox then sent Razetime, a robot powered by Stasis energy, to clear a path for his clock to reach the tree. He also sent in his puppet minions, now including the fourth, Deserboss, to stop the Brotherhood of the Tofu. Despite the brotherhood's efforts, they were unable to stop Nox's clock from reaching the Tree of Life. Upon reaching the tree, Nox then drained it off all of its Wakfu, which in turn wiped out all of the Sadidas, including Amalia. Later, Nox confronts Yugo and Adamai when they entered his clock. In rage, Yugo attempted to destroy the Xelor as revenge for the death of one of his friends, Sir Percedal, who was killed by Razetime.

During the battle, Nox was accidentally teleported, along with Yugo and Adamai to Mount Zinit, the abode of Ogrest, when Yugo had assimilated more power from the Eliacube. The battle resumed under heavy rain, with Nox ultimately losing to Yugo. Nox then managed to drain the Eliatrope off his Wakfu, after he got distracted when he saw Ogrest himself. Nox seizes the opportunity and utilizes the Eliacube to travel back in time, finally fulfilling his ultimate goal to save his family. However, he finds that he had only traveled backwards 20 minutes from when he used the Eliacube, as he had unwittingly exhausted most of his Wakfu supply beforehand. After his clock fell apart, he recovered the Eliacube in the wreckage. Nox flies into a fit of rage at the Eliacube, questioning why it failed him, only to be struck by lightning, and left in a weakened state.

Yugo approached and confronted Nox over all the crimes he had committed. Nox, realising that his effort was all for nothing, that his crimes can never be undone and moreso, that he will never see his family again, sheds a single tear, surprising Yugo. The Xelor was then confronted by the rest of the Brotherhood of the Tofu and the Sadidas, along with Master Joris. The Sadida king, King Oakheart, declared to Nox that its time for him to pay for his crimes. However Yugo intervened, stating that the conflict was over. Nox, now having lost the will to live, teleported away, bidding Yugo farewell. He is last seen crumbled to dust by what seemed like a tomb of his family. Nox's body had been disintegrated leaving only his armor and some of the bandages that covered the rest of his body.

Wakfu, Season 2[]

Nox reappeared in a re-imagination when three Sadida children were playing, with one of them playing and pretending to be Xelor.

Special Episodes[]

While not making a physical appearance, his armor along with his sword were on display in Count Harebourg's lair, frozen in blocks of ice, along with the remains of his clock.

Wakfu, Season 3[]

Nox makes a return in a flashback when Percedal tells a twisted version of how he met Evangelyne to his daughter Elely. Later, Nox appeared as an apparition to Yugo after Elely triggered a Xelor trap by accident. Yugo was shocked to see the Xelor and states that he is supposed to be dead. With an apparition of Quilby, Nox tormented Yugo, stating that he had stopped at nothing to prevent them from destroying the world and blames Yugo for his death. Nox's apparition then disintegrates and is replaced by an imprisoned Quilby, who told that because he had trapped him in the Blank Dimension, Nox's voice then added that he is incapable of doing anything which left Yugo broken. Nox then mocked him stating that he has been committing heinous acts just to save the world to which Yugo tearfully responded back saying that they left him no choice and both Nox and Quilby stated that he always has a choice before Oropo appeared to him.

Nox reappeared when Yugo had several flashbacks with the Xelor saying "I died because of you". He once again reappeared in another flashback when Lady Echo revealed one of the acts that Oropo had committed. As revealed by Echo, Oropo was responsible for giving the Eliacube to Nox which led to him succumbing to madness, to which Oropo dismissed, calling it a necessary evil. Nox also appeared as a human in another flashback which showed his transformation into a Xelor. Nox appeared once more as an apparition along with Quilby to again torment Yugo while he was trapped within Oropo's mind. After being beaten by the duo, Yugo then managed to defeat them, with the Eliatrope striking Nox in the face, which had an effect on Oropo.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Personal Powers[]

Like all Xelors, Nox's main powers are time themed. He can cast magic that slow time down, and even stop it entirely. His own time spells can be broken if the victim is particularly strong willed. He can teleport limited distances and also suspend himself in the air.

One of his greatest assets is his durability. He seemed to be affected by the Eliacube, because even after he has taken blows that have destroyed his armor, Nox himself remains virtually unhurt. Nox also wields a sword and can generate a Wakfu powered shield, but always uses the least Wakfu-costly attacks as possible, in order not to use up too much of what he has collected. He will retreat rather than waste Wakfu on a fight he doesn't think he can win.


Nox has had the Eliacube for 200 years, which seemed to be keeping him alive all that time. It is housed in the center of his clock fortress. He uses the cube to amplify his senses, physical, and magical abilities to godlike levels, allowing him to manipulate time in ways even god Xelor couldn't imagine, like casting a time spell that is virtually unbreakable to use on the most powerful opponents, and project blasts of pure Wakfu while using it. Nox also uses the cube to find larger sources of Wakfu anywhere in the world.


As Nox was once an inventor and watch maker, Nox has built an assortment of Eliacube powered machines in his two centuries of life.

Clock Fortress Nox Wakfu

Clock Fortress

Giant Clock Fortress: This is Nox's base, means of transportation, and container of the Eliacube that he can use to detect bigger sources of Wakfu. It is a massive, mobile fortress built like a giant clock that walks with insect-like legs. Each of the clock's numerals are actually hatches to send out his swarms of Noxins and deploying other weaponry and minions. The clock also has a pair of arms with large needles to drain Wakfu from larger sources such as the Soft Oak, Grougaloragran, or the Tree of Life. Inside the clock base is where his Grambos work and his equipment is stored, including a surveillance system connected to his Noxins, composed of overlaying lenses that project the images to Nox, allowing him to monitor people and places of interest through the Noxins. It is also very durable, as it withstood a huge explosion from Grougaloragran, but still barely functional. After the Eliacube connected to the fortress was drained of energy, it fell apart entirely.

Noxins Wakfu


Noxins: Insect-like robots that are one of his most important tools. Nox uses swarms of these creatures to drain the Wakfu out of living things, watch events from afar, and have signal beacons to mark new sources of Wakfu. A swarm of these can reduce a forest to a wasteland. Nox can also make use of their stolen Wakfu to recover during a battle, power his puppet minions, and act as flying bombs by detonating the stored energy inside. Noxins also form portals like Yugo's to transport minions to places instantly.

Portal Generators: To bring his clock fortress to locations too distant or unreachable by land, Nox sends Grambos ahead through Noxin portals to build larger portal generators. They are made of several towers constructed in a circle that generate portals large enough to transport his clock fortress to the desired location in a matter of seconds. These towers seem to work merely by their shape and components, as one could even be built with trees using Sadida plant magic.

XII Razortime: A large, heavy robot powered by Stasis energy. This clockwork machine is overwhelmingly strong and durable, and can project destructive waves of energy, powerful enough to decimate a path in the forest of the Sadida Kingdom to the Tree of Life for his clock base to reach unhindered. The Razetime is strong enough to fight against Percedal in demon form. Its design and color scheme resembles a Foggernaut.


Grambos: Small, hooded creatures who serve him. It is unknown how he has recruited them into his service, but he is shown to lead them with an iron fist, while they display absolute deference. Nox commands an army of Grambos and uses them to run his clock fortress, manual labor, and fight enemies. In battle, Grambos are equipped with standard weapons (swords, shields, axes, crossbows, spears, etc.). When fighting armies, they also ride mechanical wheels and large mechs, likely mass produced by Nox.

Marama Frisco Tartufo Wakfu

Marama, Frisco, and Tartufo: Three of Nox's puppet minions, which he refers to as his "favorites." They are powerful minions and were first seen during his fight with Grougaloragran. Although their exact nature is unknown, they appear to be a mummified Cra, Feca, and Sacrier, and possess most of those classes' respective powers. They are destroyed by Amalia using the Tree of Life's power.

Deserboss: A corrupted Sadida that is an important minion at Nox's disposal. In addition to standard Sadida plant magic, Deserboss can hide within trees and controls people by taking a piece of someone's hair and putting it in his doll. As part of his invasion plan, Nox had him brainwash other Sadidas to help build a portal behind enemy lines for his clock fortress to enter the Sadida Kingdom undetected, while the Grambos keep their army occupied on the border.

Igol: His pet Bow Wow. He was clearly affected by the Eliacube, gifted with amazing speed. Nox put a mechanical collar on him to make him feral and obedient. He sent him after Adamai in the desert to capture him, but Lottie has tamed him and now stays with her.


Before the Eliacube affected him, Noximilien was a loving father and husband, and gifted and hardworking inventor, although he always managed to spend quality time with his family.

Once changed by the Eliacube, Nox became obsessive, insane and ruthless in pursuit of his goal. He is willing to drain Wakfu from any sources he can find, even the Tree of Life, though the latter means the death of the entire Sadida race (a race closely linked to nature). However, he is not cruel or without conscience. He is shown to regret the harm he causes, but continues anyway, because Nox truly believes that with enough Wakfu he can go back in time and his evil actions will be undone, as if they never happened.

He is very clever and strategically minded and is often amiable when interacting with other characters (even if he is fighting them, which creates an interesting contrast), though has little patience if he feels his goal is seriously threatened.

Despite all the evil he has done, when Grougaloragran looks at Nox's soul, he sees that he is still good (if only just) and tells him to stop his quest, but Nox refuses, determined to undo the damage he has caused and reverse time so that his family will live. Nox also returns the Wakfu he stole from Alibert earlier in the season. It is not entirely sure why, but it seems to be a mixture of conscience and his belief that Alibert might understand him, as Nox noticed how Alibert risked his life for Yugo, something Nox can relate to.



Yugo, a 12-year-old Eliatrope, and main protagonist in the series. Nox takes in interest in Yugo as he believes that Yugo will have the information he needs to find Grougaloragran the dragon. Yugo must later fight Nox to stop him from draining the Tree of Life of its Wakfu.

Grougaloragran, an ancient shapeshifting dragon with enormous amounts of Wakfu. He fought and temporarily defeated Nox in human form, though Nox figured out that he was a dragon, and since then Nox has been looking for Grougaloragran to absorb his wakfu.


  • In Roman mythology, Nox is the primordial goddess of the night and darkness, her greek counterpart being Nyx. Nox's full name, Noximilien, seems to be a mixture of Nox and Maximillian/Maximilien.