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The owl Clan Member of all 4 Nation and Astrub.

Every player belongs to a Nation. This is used for politics, and for war with other nations. A player who belongs to a specific nation is a Citizen of that nation. Once reaching level 15, the player is able to choose a nation. After choosing a nation, a player may change it once every 30 days via a quest or once a week through the Scroll of Allegiance purchasable in the Boutique.

It it possible to travel to every nation through boats and canoons, and once discovered, zaaps (provided you aren't an outlaw or worse in the nation.)

List of Nations

Nation Differences

Some monsters or resources are specific to a given nation, and each nation has different specialties as well. The clan members, places, ecology and landscapes are different too.

Amakna's specialty is crops, Bonta's is trees, Brakmar's is ores and Sufokia's is fish

Monsters that can only be found in Amakna:

Monsters that can only be found in Bonta:

Monsters that can only be found in Brakmar:

Monsters that can only be found in Sufokia:

  • Snappers
  • Crabs
  • Albatrosses
  • Kokokos
  • Sharks
  • Kraloves (can also be found in Brakmar)

Nation Change

Players may change their Nation with a quest acquired from the "Ambassador" NPC at the gate of the Nation they wish to join, who normally accepts passports. The quest costs 25000Kama. Once players have changed their Nation, there is a waiting period of 30 days to switch to another Nation again.

Players may also change their Nation by using a Scroll of Allegiance purchased in the Boutique. This method can be used as often as once a week.

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