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Movement Points (MP) are a resource used when moving during combat.

For each tile you traverse, you spend 1 MP, or more depending on the circumstances (e.g., locked by an enemy or special tiles with -MP). Some spells may also cost MP in which case if you don't have enough MP, you won't be able to use the said spell.

At the start of every turn, your MP is replenished up to the base amount of 3. However, this can be modified by equipment, by skill points or by skills of players or enemies.

MP Altering

A number of spells and effects can alter the MP of a caster's spells. When attempting to reduce the MP of an opponent, the caster must first pass a Willpower Check before the effect is applied. Each time MP is reduced other than part of a spell's cost, the Hypermovement state is applied.

Class Spell Effect
Cra Element NeutralSmall.png Long Distance Combat Use all MP for +Damage
Rogue Element EarthMedium.png Pulsar Use all MP and end turn
Iop Element EarthMedium.png Impact Chance to apply Bound
Element EarthMedium.png Devastate Chance to apply Bound
Sram Element NeutralSmall.png Scram +1-3 MP depending on distance from enemies
Element NeutralSmall.png Shadow Trap -MP when stepped on
Sadida Element EarthMedium.png Earthquake Needs 2 MP to cast, If Totem is hit, -2 MP to target
Feca Element FireMedium.png Fecastopheles Needs 1 MP to cast, when standing on Pheles Glyph -1 MP

State Effect
Bound -1 MP
Riddled Chance to get Damaged and lose -3 MP


Cost Max Lvl Effect
120, 150 2 +1 MP

Obstructing Movement

A number of effects allow you place objects into a fight which can obstruct movement. This can be used defensively, though unless you have some attacks which do not need Line of Sight, you can often find yourself at the same disadvantage.

Class Spell
Cra Element EarthMedium.png Seismic Beacon
Element FireMedium.png Incandescent Beacon
Element AirMedium.png Windy Beacon
Pandawa Element NeutralSmall.png Barrel
Sram Element NeutralSmall.png Double
Foggernaut Element EarthMedium.png Pummel
Element EarthMedium.png Stomp
Element EarthMedium.png Hammertime
Xelor Element WaterMedium.png Sinistro
Element FireMedium.png Hydrand
Element NeutralSmall.png Xelor's Dial

Movement without using Move Points

It is possible to move around in combat without using the general MP, for more information see the Move Effects article.


  • "Movement Point" is often shortened to "MP".
  • The Movement point.png symbol is often used to represent MP within the game's interface.

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