A number of spells have the ability to move a creature in combat without using MP. This includes moving other creatures without their consent. This type of movement is not subject to Dodge Mechanics.

Collision Damage

When a creature is moved by one of these effects, it is possible that they will effectively be "moved" into a solid object. Rather than let two objects occupy the same space, both objects instead take damage and the movement is prevented. It is still possible for a creature to be moved by a number of Cells and then be stopped by a physical obstruction, allowing some, but not all of the movement to take place.

Specific effects


This effect usually causes the target to move towards the caster.


This effect usually causes the target to move away from the caster.

Move Towards

This effect usually causes the caster to move towards the target.

Move Away

This effect usually causes the caster to move away from the target.


This effect usually causes the caster to instantly jumps to a location. Intervening obstructions will not prevent the movement.

Swap Position

This effect causes the caster and target to Teleport to each other's locations.

Class Spells

Class Spell Effect
Cra Element AirMedium.png Retreat Arrow Push
Element NeutralSmall.png Disengage Move Away and Push
Element NeutralSmall.png Beacon Sneakin' Teleport
Ecaflip Element NeutralSmall.png Feline Leap Teleport
Eniripsa Element AirMedium.png Fear Flask Push
Feca Element NeutralSmall.png Teleportation Teleport
Foggernaut Element StasisMedium.png Stasis Strike Move Towards
Element EarthMedium.png Hammer Time Push and Move Away
Element FireMedium.png Flame Fervor Teleport
Iop Element FireMedium.png Super Iop Punch Move Towards
Element EarthMedium.png Charge Move Towards
Element AirMedium.png Intimidation Push
Element NeutralSmall.png Jump Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Flatten Teleport
Osamodas Element AirMedium.png Feather Tornado Push when in Dragon Form
Pandawa Element WaterMedium.png Milk Fountain Pull
Element FireMedium.png Dairy Springer Teleport
Element EarthMedium.png Triple Whammy Push and Move Towards
Element EarthMedium.png Blisskrieg Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Karchamrak Teleport a carried object
Element NeutralSmall.png Barrelhop Teleport
Rogue Element AirMedium.png Roguery Pull and Teleport
Element AirMedium.png Longsword Move away and Push
Element FireMedium.png Flaming Claw Move Towards
Element NeutralSmall.png Magnetic Claw Push
Element NeutralSmall.png Rogue Runaway Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Pyrotechnics Teleport
Sacrier Element AirMedium.png Rejectattoo Push
Element AirMedium.png Sacrier's Fist Pull
Element AirMedium.png Assault Swap Position
Element AirMedium.png Light Speed Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Attraction Pull
Element NeutralSmall.png Transposition Swap Position
Element NeutralSmall.png Sacrifice Swap Position if target damaged
Sadida Element AirMedium.png Gust AoE Push
Element AirMedium.png K'mir Link Movement
Sram Element AirMedium.png Fear Push
Element AirMedium.png Tricky Blow Move Away
Element AirMedium.png Guile Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Sram Reflex Teleport
Xelor Element AirMedium.png Tempus Fugit Teleport
Element NeutralSmall.png Xelor's Dial Teleport to Hour Cells
Element NeutralSmall.png Temporal Images Teleport

State Effect
Stabilised Prevents Move effects

Obstructing Move Effects

A number of effects allow you place objects into a fight which can obstruct move effects. This can be used defensively, though unless you have some attacks which do not need Line of Sight, you can often find yourself at the same disadvantage. These objects can also be used to cause Collision damage from pushing creatures into them.

Class Spell
Cra Element EarthMedium.png Seismic Beacon
Element FireMedium.png Incandescent Beacon
Element AirMedium.png Windy Beacon
Ecaflip Element NeutralSmall.png Black Bow Meow
Eniripsa Element NeutralSmall.png Coney
Enutrof Element NeutralSmall.png Drheller
Foggernaut Element EarthMedium.png Pummel
Element EarthMedium.png Stomp
Element EarthMedium.png Hammer Time
Element EarthMedium.png Bombardment
Element NeutralSmall.png Cybot
Osamodas Element NeutralSmall.png Gobup
Pandawa Element NeutralSmall.png Barrel
Rogue Element NeutralSmall.png Boombot
Sadida Element NeutralSmall.png Doll
Sram Element NeutralSmall.png Double
Xelor Element AirMedium.png Sinistro
Element FireMedium.png Hydrand
Element NeutralSmall.png Xelor's Dial

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