Foggernaut Spell MotherfoggerMotherfogger

Class: Foggernaut
Unlock level: 3
Type: Transformation

Element NeutralSmall
3(1)Action point

0Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"By standing on a Microbot, the Foggernaut can trigger his Motherfogger and consequently turn into a great, motorized weapon of destruction."


  • Transform into a Motherfogger
  • Deactivate the Microbot
  • +3(30)% Resist.

Spell Information

With the help of the Microbot, the Foggernaut transforms into a weapon platform, gaining a pallette of 4 spells, as listed below, which have the same level as the caster himself.

Spell Progression

Effect +%Resist.36912151821242730

Motherfogger's Spells

Foggernaut Elemental Spells:
Foggernaut Spell BombardmentFoggernaut Spell Hammer TimeFoggernaut Spell PummelFoggernaut Spell Rock ThrowerFoggernaut Spell ShebangFoggernaut Spell Stomp
Foggernaut Spell Blazing FireFoggernaut Spell Fire ThrowerFoggernaut Spell FlambeFoggernaut Spell Flame FervorFoggernaut Spell Flame ThrowerFoggernaut Spell Steampalm
Foggernaut Spell AynaloxideFoggernaut Spell Heart of SteamFoggernaut Spell Ray of StasisFoggernaut Spell Stasis ShotFoggernaut Spell Stasis StrikeFoggernaut Spell Stasis Thrower

Active Support Spells:
Foggernaut Spell CybotFoggernaut Spell DismantleFoggernaut Spell Foggernaut BlockadeFoggernaut Spell FogginatorFoggernaut Spell MicrobotFoggernaut Spell RetreatFoggernaut Spell Stasis Flux

Passive Support Spells:
Foggernaut Spell Armor PlatingFoggernaut Spell Critical TurboFoggernaut Spell Fire and OilFoggernaut Spell GrooveFoggernaut Spell Painless Steel

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