CM HughGobello

Monty Bello is the Clan Member of Monty's Prairie in Bonta. He teaches the Trapper profession.

Monty Bello's Information:

Sex:Young Boy
Height:A Gobball and a half
Weight:4 Gobblies
Place of Birth:Behind a stable
Hobby:Counting Gobballs
Speciality:Burping like a Gobball


Will Bonus

Being a Clan Member, Monty Bello has his own will, if respected, the following Bonus will be available in his zone.

ClanMemberMoodSadNo Bonus
ClanMemberMoodHappy+4 Elemental MasteryElement Physical, +10 HPHealth point

Monty Bello's Will

To respect Monty Bello's will, certain monsters and resources must respect these parameters.

Monty Bello's will:
Icon Gobball: 60 - 130
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