Wakfu is home of many monsters, both big and small. While some of these creatures are unique, many of them are grouped by a family or species type.

Family Trees

Each monster belongs to a particular family or species, which bears an impact on both combat and the species' population. Monsters will breed with others of the same family, group together, and also evolve into more powerful forms of that species.


Monsters make up the majority of combat opponents outside of other players. Depending on the creature it may be docile, where it will not actively attack a player, or hostile, where it will actively chase and initiate combat with a player.

It is not always possible to fight a single creature, as they may form small groups of their own with nearby creatures of the same species.

Dungeons will usually have groups comprised of multiple creatures at each section, but these groups are fixed in that they will not gain or lose members.


A number of monsters can be used via the Trapper profession (e.g. plucking, milking and shearing) to provide materials. Defeating a monster in combat can also result in materials for crafting . Not all creatures within the same species provide the same type of materials, or the same amount of materials. More powerful creatures will usually provide better rewards.

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