Monk Island is an adventure island located off all the other main nations. The first time you travel there you need to use the boat at Singing Fields, Thicket of Yurbut, Gnashville or Steamulating Shore. First trip by boat cost 20 kama and afterwards it's free from your nation.
Monk Island

It has a recommended level of 81-95. The ecosystem has three conditions:

  • between 25 and 50 Trees,
  • between 100 and 200 Monks,
  • and between 200 and 300 Rats.

Clan Member

Dan Sominik Kraust (0,-3)


Resource Profession
Rye Farmer
Moonfish Fisherman
Pooplar Lumberjack
Grievous Kroomium Miner


Location of Interest

Name Coordinates Notes
Guild of Hunters' Camp (1,-1) hunter quests 66 to 95
Prims (1,-2)
The Ratatombs (-3,-3) level 66 dungeon
The Undieworld (0,-7) level 81 dungeon
The Villainy Vineyards (3,-3) level 141 dungeon
Zaap (0,-4)
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