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Moe Kneetorks is the Clan Member of Sidimote Moors area in Brakmar.
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He teaches the Miner profession.

Moe Kneetorks's sheet

Height:Hits The Roof
Weight:12 Ingots
Place of Birth:Nanny Groatto
Hobby:Counting The Daze
Hates:Getting Picked On
Speciality:Making Plenty Of Dough
Moe Kneetorks Portrait


Will Bonus

Being a Clan Member, Moe Kneetorks has his own will, if respected, the following Bonus will be available in his zone, the Sidimote Moors.

ClanMemberMoodHappy+20% DamageElement WaterSmall
ClanMemberMoodNeutral +10% DamageElement WaterSmall
ClanMemberMoodSadNo Bonus

Moe Kneetorks's Will

To respect Moe Kneetorks's will, certain monsters and resources must respect these parameters.

Moe Kneetorks's will:
Icon Wild Plant: 200 to 400Icon Stalagmote: 200 to 400
Icon Chafer: 400 to 600


After learning the Mining Profession:
Moe Kneetorks: "Oh, a visitor! What can I do for you?"

  1. Nothing right now. Bye.

Available Quests


Return Of The Croaker

Whirligig Daddy

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