Mini Ignemikhal Costume
Lvl. 1


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Mini Ignemikhal Costume

"This costume will make you look like Ignemikhal, the famous Fire Elemental Dragon, but in miniature form..."

This costume is part of the Kwismas in Wakfu Fanart Contest.


The fanart must be matching the theme: “Kwismas in the World of Twelve” but with a twist as it must include an Eliatrope Dragon of your choice (Adamai, Baltazar, Efrim, Grougaloragran, Phaeris, and Shinonome), or maybe all of them, or even a dragon of your own design! Each participant must only submit one fanart by replying to the contest entry thread with a post until the 19st of December (4:00 PM UTC). Any text in the fanart must be in English The fanart must be of one’s own creation The fanart must adhere to the Forum Rules of Conduct Entries that are edited will be disqualified – if you wish to resubmit an entry, please edit and replace your previous entry with ‘DELETED’ and submit a new post. You can use sites such as to upload your entry and paste the submission into your forum message


Three winners of this event will receive this costume.


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