This page is about caves. For the Enutrof combat specialty, see Mine.

Mines are located all over the World of Twelve. Most of them will be partly blocked by rock, which can be blown up by the use of bombs. There is no ecosystem in the mines, only automatically regenerating ores, and monsters which also repopulate on their own.

Outlaws are relatively safe in the mines, as the mines are not technically owned by any nation (no matter where the entrance of the mines are) there will be no symbol over the outlaw's head.


To excavate you can purchase or make bombs to blow away the crumbling rocks. By right clicking the crumbling rock you can use a bomb in your inventory to blow it up. Depending on the size bomb you use, you might have to use multiple bombs to get rid of one rock. It's dark in the mine, so you also might want to bring lanterns with you, to light up your work area. Excavating will open up access to different areas, or will make a short cut to an already accessible area.

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