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Mina and her dragon brother Phaeris were gifted with wisdom and they solved all the quarrels that could divide their people, according to Qilby.

In Islands of Wakfu she is the priestess of the Eliatrope Goddess, and one of the Council members.

In the Animated Series, Mina has yet to reincarnate from her Dofus. She has been joined in her Dofus by Phaeris after he was killed by Jiva following the events of the series.


Mina is a tall woman with tan skin and white hair. She wears a teal sleeveless dress the same color as her dragon brother's scales, which is tied at the waist with a rope belt. She wears dark teal sleeves and a tall teal hat with a white tuft on the end.


Mina is shown to be wise and compassionate, though mysterious.

Islands of Wakfu

Mina is one of the members of the Eliatrope Council, and guides Nora and Efrim through their initiation rites.



Phaeris is Mina's Dragon brother, born from the same Dofus. Before Orgonax attacked the Eliatrope civilization on what would become the World of Twelve, Mina and Phaeris used their wisdom to resolve the quarrels of their people.


It is revealed in the game Islands of Wakfu that the most recent incarnation of Mina was in a relationship with King Chibi before the downfall of the Eliatrope people.

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