Foggernaut Spell MicrobotMicrobot

Class: Foggernaut
Unlock level: 1
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
5(3)Action point

1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Fogger can use Microbots to create Cybots and Motherfoggers. When two Microbots are placed in line with one another, a set of Rails is generated to join them up. Oh, and at the start of each turn, the Microbot inflicts damage. It's as useful as a Swiss army knife!"


  • Place an Activated Microbot (3(6) Charges)
  • At start of each of the Fogger's turns:
  • Max size of Rails created: 3(5)

Spell Information

A foundation for most of Fogger's active support spells.

When a Microbot is 'Activated' it casts Aynaloxide around itself for a % of Fogger's Aynaloxide damage, can be used to create a Cybot or to mount a Motherfogger.

When a Microbot is 'Deactivated' it no longer can attack using Aynaloxide, nor can it be used to create a Cybot or to mount a Motherfogger.

No matter if active or no, the Microbot can create Rails with other Microbots, or can be recycled by having Salvage used on it.

Spell Progression

AP cost5 4 3
Effect Charges3 4 5 6
%Aynaloxide Damage1.534.567.5910.51213.515
Max Rails size3 4 5

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