They are a humanoid race with red hair and masked faces. Hunted for their masks that give them their powers, the Masqueraiders are suspicious of everything.

Masqueraiders draw their powers from their masks, and can switch from reckless fighters to fugitives or full-on lunatics in a matter of seconds. We know very little about these mysterious adventurers, except that they change their masks more often than most people change their underpants. Nobody knows for sure what their motives are, but it is said they’re driven by a deep desire for revenge…

Their real faces are very rarely seen and no-one truly understands their motives: they can appear to be solitary valiant knights or rebels with their own agenda, they can be guided by their faith, their values or by their feelings (like vengeance, for example).

Class spells

The spells available to Masqueraider disciples are:

ElementLevelIconSpell Name CostEffect
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Masq FugueFugue 2Action point
1Movement point
Damage, Move Away
2Spell Masq BackbeatBackbeat 4Action pointDamage, Push, Move Away
4Spell Masq SpitfallSpitfall 3Action point
1Movement point

Icon Ally:Heal and +Dodge

7Spell Masq SpitbullSpitbull 4Action point
2Movement point

Icon Ally:Heal and Swap

10Spell Masq SpittoonSpittoon 5Action point
1Wakfu point

Icon Ally:Heal and Pull

LevelIconSpell NameCostEffect
Element AirLarge
036pxWhipkick 3Action pointDamage, turn gaze, Push
2Spell Masq ScherzoScherzo 2Movement pointDamage, Push, Move Towards
4Spell Masq ClasstanetClasstanet 2Action pointDamage, Teleport, Push, Move Towards
7Spell Masq ClasseroleClasserole 4Action pointDamage, Push, Move Towards
10Spell Masq ClassablancaClassablanca 2Action point 1Movement point
1Wakfu point
Damage, Push, Move Towards
LevelIconSpell NameCostEffect
Element FireLarge
0Spell Masq FractureFracture 3Action pointCone AoE
: Damage
2Spell Masq HornitoHornito 4Action pointSqaure Ring AoE
: Damage
4Spell Masq PsykotikPsykotik 3Action point
1Movement point
2 Cell Cross AoE
: Damage
7Spell Masq PsynapsePsynapse 5Action pointCross AoE
: Damage, Move Toward
10Spell Masq Psyk-OutPsyk-Out 6Action point 1Movement point
1 Wakfu point
Damage, Teleport, turn gaze
LevelIconSpell NameCostEffect
Element SupportLarge
1Spell Masq Coward MaskCoward Mask 1Action point+Heals% and MP for each successful dodge
Spell Masq Burst of WakfuBurst of Wakfu PassiveOn WPWakfu point usage: +AP
3Spell Masq Classic MaskClassic Mask 1Action point+AP and +Damage for allies on Critical Hits
Spell Masq Artful DodgerArtful Dodger PassiveDamage% and Heals% per Dodge
4Spell Masq Psychopath Mask Psychopath Mask 1Action point+Final damage% and -Resist% when hit
Spell Masq CharadeCharade PassiveGain Renewal


Lvl. 1(100)

This state doesn't stack

on critical hits, successful dodges, and killed monsters
5Spell Masq Masked SpiritMasked Spirit 6(3)Action point
2Wakfu point
Summons a double for 1-2 turns
Spell Masq CarnivalCarnival Passive+Range to masks, increases chance of masks staying on allies for a 2nd turn
6Spell Masq Dance of DeathDance of Death 1Wakfu point+Elemental Spell levels
Spell Masq Mask MasterMask Master Passive+Dodge, +Critcal Hit damage%, Healed upon killing a monster.


The Masqueraider class of Wakfu was added to the game at approximately the same time as it was added to Dofus and Dofus Arena.

They originally lived on a unknown island, only coming to the world of twelve after adventures kept visiting them. 


  • Unlike the first 12 classes, Rogues, Foggernauts and Masqueraiders do not gain their class powers from an own god. Rogues gain their class power from Sram (god), and Masqueraiders gain their class power from Sadida (god).
  • Their name comes from an high class party called a masquerade ball (or bal masqué), in which the participants attend wearing a mask in order to hide their faces, much like the Masqueraiders do. This is further backed up by the Dance of Death support spell.

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