Luigie Mushroom
Lvl. 0


Tradeable Icon
Luigie Mushroom

"From the same family as Oiram, this one is bigger, thinner and is quite often pushed into the background."

On use:

  • Luigie Light (20min)


Given By

Uberlord (Wild Estate) achievement


This item can be found in Oiram's Passage in the Wild Estate, The Lord's Pastures at coordinates 0,-11 in a special well on which it is possible to choose the action to jump down the well. The area it leads you to is only covers 2 squares and has a chest that can be opened to reveal a Luigie Mushroom.


Luigie Light

Use of the Luigie Mushroom will cause the character to emit a green light. There is a buff added to the player called Luigie Light and it lasts for 20 minutes.


The name is a reference to Luigi from the Super Mario Bro's series. There are plenty of other references:

  • Oiram in the description is Mario backwards.
  • Just like the description says: Luigi is bigger (taller) than Mario, thinner than Mario, and since he is the secondary character he is quite often pushed into the background.
  • Luigi is usually dressed in green clothes (the same color as the light you emit after eating the mushroom).
  • Throughout the Super Mario Bro's series, the brothers will often eat mushrooms.
  • The secret area in which you find the mushroom in the Wild Estate is made to look like a secret area from the game Super Mario Bro's 1, with green pipes leading back up to the surface, coins that the brothers would usually gather, and even the color of the walls match the other game.
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