A number of spells cannot be diagonally, only cells along the horizontal or vertical directions will be available to cast on. Attempting to cast the spell onto a Cell, even if it is within the spell's range, will not be possible.

Restricted Spells

Class SpellEffect
CraElement FireMediumBurning Arrow Line-AoE Damage
Element EarthMediumPiercing ArrowRebound Damage
Element EarthMediumDestructive ArrowHigh Damage
Element NeutralSmallRetreat ArrowPush
EcaflipElement AirMediumMeow ThrowRebound Damage
IopElement EarthMediumChargeDamage & Move Towards
SacrierElement AirMediumAssaultDamage & Swap Places
Element AirMediumSacrier's FistDamage & Move Towards
Element NeutralSmallAttractionPull

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