Life is Beautiful is one of the Progression achievements. It consists of tasks tied on the main section of Incarnam, Soul's Crossing.


Treasure hunting can be very emotional.


  • Work together to open the chest
  • Find more friends for the second chest
  • Find the lost chest
  • Go to Treasure Island
  • Taste Wolfgang's Gobball stew
  • Make Mimi happy
  • Learn to read
  • Take fighting lessons



  • Learn to read: Wait for Mimi to drop a Celestial Feather and pick it up to summon the Celestial Gobball (incarnam). The emote scroll will drop opon killing him, but only one player will get the scroll (a player may get the scroll twice if fighting the Celestial Gobbal twice). Mimi will randomly drop the feather while planting Gobballs if the population gets low.
  • Work together to open the chest: Get another player to step on the other tile at 0,0 in Soul's Crossing
  • Get more friends for the second chest: Located in 1,0 in Soul's Crossing. Three people are necessary. Two have to stand on the blue tiles while the third person opens the chest.
  • Go to Treasure Island: Pathway for the island appears when you are standing on the space next to the wheelbarrow on 0,-3
  • Lost Chest: is the chest behind a pillar at 0,-3 at Soul's Crossing in Incarnam
Life Is Beautiful-Work Together(0,0)

Blue Tiles for "Work together to open then chest" step

Life Is Beautiful-Second Chest(1,0)

Blue tiles for "Find more friends for the second chest"

Life Is Beautiful-Treasure Island(0,-3)

Treasure island path

Life Is Beautiful-Lost Chest(0,-3)

Lost chest location


  • The name Life is Beautiful is a not-so-funny pun on the Holocaust movie, Life is Beautiful
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