Spell Panda LacticAcidLactic Acid

Class: Pandawa
Unlock level: 7
Type: Attack

Element EarthMedium
4Action point

1-2Range Icon

AoE:1 cell X



  • Deal 6(97) Damage Element EarthSmall
  • Dizzy1
  • Caster:

Spell Information

An AoE attack which inflicts Dizzy, and a grants a resistance bonus based on how Merry the Pandawa is.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage419345065
Critical Damage629527597


  • Lactic acid is commonly called as "Milk acid", a type of acid which exists in any mammals' milk. Lactic acid coexists prominently in diary products like cheese and yogurt. Lactic acid is also prominently used in lowering the pH value of finished beers, making it slightly more sour, but not tangy.

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