Kwismas Nibble
Lvl. 1


Untradeable Icon
Kwismas Nibble

"A Kwismas candy that tastes like Snapper! I know, gross, I didn't eat mine. Did you eat yours? Did you want mine?"

On use:

  • applies Little Kwismas Bow Meow for 15m


Dropped By

Monsters during Kwismas Event


An edible item that applies the buff Little Kwismas Bow Meow to the user. The player will be transformed into a white Bow Meow, and will still be capable of performing professions and uses, like cutting trees and opening chests. However, upon combat, the buff will break. Note that there are no other animations for the Little Kwismas Bow Meow other than standing still and running, hence if the player would cut a tree, an idle animation will be playing as the progress bar goes on.

The counterpart that turns you into a black Bow Meow is Evil Fishcake

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