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Kwismas Event is an event that takes place near Christmas. During this event, there are many Christmas-related items such as gifts, Christmas and winter-themed foods, decorations and emotes. For Achievement check Kwismas.


  • During Kwismas, many Kwismas Gifts spawn in any area, from which you can take many presents.
  • Nation tree: You can help your nation putting its tree up (the donation post is located near the village's clan member). It requires a total of 20 000 Piwi Feathers and 20 000 Sprigs of Holly to bring the tree up. After the tree has been placed, it will be decorated and a Kwismas Tree Gift will stay under it, it can be opened once for a gift.
  • It is possible to get Kwismas Nibble from monsters during this event, which will transform you into a White Bow Meow.


During 2011 Kwismas, every player received the following pack of gifts:

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