Kroz are victories and progression rewards for Krosmaster Arena players.

Earned Kroz can be used in:

  • Krosmaster shop to get Krosbox which contains figurines
  • Wakfu and Dofus Kroshops and get access to powerful items, among two exclusive DOFUS mounts and WAKFU outfits.

How to earn KrozKroz?

In tournament mode

Kroz rewards you at the end of any combat. The higher you rise on tournaments, the more you win. Get 10 Kroz for your first victorious battle and then 20 Kroz for the second, 40 for the third and 80 for the fourth. If you are the champion of the tournament and you won all your battles in a row, you will be prized by 150 Kroz!

Advancing through leagues

When you reach a new league for the first time, at the league 20th, you will receive Kroz! You will win up to 200 Kroz if you reach the Elite League. Notice: This reward can be claimed once per league and per player. For instance, when you reach the league 19, you will earn 40 kroz. However, if you drop back down to the 20th league, you won be prized again when you will climb the ladder again above the league 20th.

At the end of a season

At the end of each season, you will be gifted with Kroz depending on your final rank: from 50 Kroz if you reach the league 14 up to 200 Kroz if you reach the Elite league.

By winning games

You will earn 20 bonus Kroz each two victories.


Ogrines will allow the most impatient of you to jump start your progression by giving you the opportunity to unlock faster news figurines. You will find them in the ogrines tab of the Krosmaster shop.

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