Kerub Crepin is an adventurer turned shopkeeper and a demigod son of Ecaflip. As a demigod, he has lived numerous centuries and appeared in several media. His most remarkable quality is the exceptional luck that has been bestowed upon him by the gods Ecaflip, a luck that has often been the vector of his success and fame.

As a child, he was raised as an orphan in Ecaflip's temple, unaware of his divine heritage. A great part of his early life is exposed in the animated series Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar, where he tells stories of his adventures to his adopted son Joris after having retired in Astrub and opened a store to sell the various treasures he has accumulated.


In his early days Kerub was a homless orphan, he was found alone on a road away from any city. But then a deciple of the Ecaflip temple came by and decided to take him in. Kerub grow up in the temple and when he was older enough he decided to take part in the quest of two mornings. (A quest that must be completed in two days.) The quest was to obtain the egg of a bird that lives on top of a dangerous mountain in a dangerous forest. Kerub faced many trials and obstacles. But he prevails at the end, but on the way back home the egg is broken by Kerubs clumsiness. In desperation  (knowing he will definitely be punished for failing )Kerub creates a fake egg but the trick is resolved by God Ecaflip. Despite this Ecaflip forgives Kerub and he becames the God's favourite from then on.

As Kerub stayed at the temple for a few more years he grows bored and wish's for adventure outside of the temple. but Ecaflip refuses to let Kerub leave (because the God had grown to really love his son, but he won't admit it). Kerub tries to annoy the hack out of Ecaflip (so he kicks him out of the temple)


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