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Profession KamaMinter

Kama Minter is a crafting profession. This is the information provided by its profession book:

Professions Book

The sound of Money

Kama minting is above all a crafting profession.

Your sole activity will be creating kamas, the currency of the World of Twelve. Without this profession, there wouldn't be a single Kama in the World.

The only way to create kamas is by combining the various metals harvested by miners, so it would be useful if you could get to know one, unless you want to take up the pick yourself.

Next, you'll have to go to the ore deposits and use a kama minting machine to make the sweet sound of shiny new coins fill the air.

That's pretty much all you need to know for this job.


Kama Minters use a Kama Minting Machine. These machines can be found in the first outpost of every Nation after Astrub.

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