Kama Coins

Kama is the in-game currency of the Wakfu world.

The symbol for kama is Kama (a styled K, with a double cross-bar, simlar to £, ¥ and €).


The basic source of Kama in Wakfu is the Kama Minter Profession. The profession takes raw metal resources and creates kama from that. Kamas have no weight, meaning a player can carry millions of kamas as easily he can carry ten.

Kamas can also be obtained by trading with other players, killing monsters, and completing quests.

Typing the Symbol

Wakfu will convert the § symbol into the Kama symbol. This symbol normally stands for "section", with an ASCII value of 167.

For Microsoft Windows, this may be typed by holding the Alt key, typing the numbers 0167, and then releasing the Alt key. Holding Ctrl + Alt + Shift and then pressing S will also result in an §, this is also easier to memorize.

For a Mac, the symbol can be typed by holding Option and pressing 6 (the non-numpad one) provided you don't already have a universal shortcut binded such as with Spaces or Alternate desktops.

Player Slang

Normally, the prefix k (short for 'kilo') means 1000 of something if it refers to an object, and as such when used in conjunction with currency it is used to mean 1000 units. e.g. '10k' means 10,000.

However, Wakfu players use the basic k to also represent Kama, leading to some ambiguity on the meaning. To combat this, a double k is used to represent 1000 Kama, while the single k values are assumed to mean 1 kama.

For example, someone is buying a tofu feather for 20k. This means 20 kamas, whereas if he had said 20kk it would have meant 20,000 kamas.

However, If someone were to sell an item for '1.4mk' this would mean 1,400,000k. MK means Million Kamas.

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