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Clad in blinding golden armor and hammier than a pig farm, he and his father were in charge of keeping Anathar sealed.

Season 2

Prior to the start of the second season, he and his father the original Justice Knight were attacked by Rubilax while he was in possession of Percedal's body. During his attack he causes Anathar to be freed and take over his father. Justice Knight has no choice but to cage him in a prison for the Shushu. He later catches Remington Smisse and Grany. While hunting for Rubilax he comes across while he was returned to his sword along the other members of the Brotherhood of The Tofu. He cages them under the impression that they under Rubilax's influence. After they escape and free Remington who releases Anathar to cause chaos. In order to stop Anathar Justice Knight is forced to team up with the Brotherhood and Remington.