Jahash Jurgen was a Bontarian Huppermage and leader of Bonta's armies during the war over the Ebony and Ivory Dofus. This war ended ten years before the story of DOFUS Book I: Julith when he became enamored with and married his rival, Julith. The two had a son named Joris.

Soon after Joris was born, an anonymous individual stole the Ebony Dofus from Julith and set it loose upon the city of Bonta. Julith went to try and calm the dragon inside, but was shot down by Bontarian Ubermages when they saw her with it, thinking she was the one responsible. Seeing no other way to end the chaos that ensued when the Dofus went on a rampage, Jahash entrusted his son to Kerubim and said goodbye to his younger sister Bakara before he flew off to equalize the Dofus power outburst(knowing it would cost him his life). With the power equalized, the Ebony Dofus shattered and the dragon inside took refuge in Joris' body.

Jahash is only seen in a ghostly form near the end of the movie, being imprisoned in a machine that almost revives him. He sees what his wife is doing and tells her with a sorrowful expression to stop, because he does not want to come back at the expense of another's life. Julith neutralizes her machine, sacrificing herself, and the two are reunited in the afterlife while their son lives on.

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