Outside the Nations are islands. Some are conquerable by the nation by defeting the Clan Member. All islands need to be travelled by boat for the first time. Mount zinit's boat is in Astrub. You can tell the destinations of boats by holding the mouse over it on the map.

Mount Zinit

Mount Zinit is the island where Ogrest resides. This is where the main storyline quest takes place.

Wakfu and Stasis Islands

Stasis Island
Wakfu Island
Wakfu and Stasis are accessible from each Nation, but you need at least 30% Wakfu or Stasis to enter the corresponding one.

Wild Estate

The Lord's Pastures map
The Lord's Pastures is the home of many wild gobballs. Can be conquered by nations.


Costa del Jellix Map
Bilbiza is the home of King Jellix, the Bilbiboys and the jellies of the Jellith Dimension.

Calamar Island

Calamar Island
Calamar Island is home to exotic creatures and the treacherous Chaos Pirates.

Sadida Kingdom

Sadida Kingdom map
Sadida Kingdom is the home of sadida cult and boowolves.

Lands of Kelba

Lands of Kelba
Lands of Kelba is the home of crows.

Monk Island

Monk Island
Monk Island is home of rats and monks and a ghost nun.


Forfut is the home of bats and zombies and a vampire.

Ga Ga Island

This is where the The Trool Fair is. Attractions cost 1 Bronze Token each.

Shhhudoku's Kingdom

Shhudoku's Kingdom
Shhhudoku's Kingdom lives Whispers that have taken over Cracklers.

Chillberg Island

Chillberg Island is an adventure island made of 3 sub-areas. 

Wabbit Island

Wabbit Island is a carrot shaped place and home of the Wabbits. 

Shustuft Crust Dimension

Entrance to the Rift into Shustuft Crust Dimension where the Shushus live. 

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