State Infection


Lvl. 1-100
State Stack

When the Eniripsa is hit by someone who's infected, he absorbs part of the damage and then sends it back to the attacker. His Infection will disappear if a turn goes by without him being reinfected.

When inflicting damage, 1(100)% chance of healing the Eniripsa by 1(50)% of Damage and reflecting 1(50)% Damage back to the infected player.

Infection is a State, with Stacking.


Chance to heal the target and rebound damage back to caster affected by this state. The chance of the state causing its effect is the same as the state's level. The percent of damage healed and reflected is half the state's level.


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Element AirSmallPsykosis Flask
Element AirSmallPain Flask
Element AirSmallInfected Flask
Element AirSmallLethargy Flask
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