Spell Iop AmplificationIncrease

Class: Iop
Unlock level: 6
Type: Support

Element NeutralSmall
1 Wakfu point

0Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Iop uses his mastery of Wakfu to increase his damage. Increase also allows him to enter the Power state, improving his chances of Stunning the enemey."


  • +2(25)% damage
  • Triggers
State Power


Lvl. 1-100

State Stack

Damage done by the state's target is increased.

+1(100)% Damage
(Max state level: 100)
. For every 5(2) levels:
    • +1% chance of applying
State Stunned


Lvl. 1

This state doesn't stack

Stunned prevents the target from acting during the turn.

Misses a turn

Spell Information

Spend WP for a damage bonus, and convert Power into % chance to Stun.

Spell Progression

+Stun% per X Power Lv. 5 4 32


Increase has previously appeared in Dofus and Dofus Arena.

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