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Igôle (re-named Crazy Eye by Lotie) is a beast formerly owned by Nox and one of his most powerful minions. He is currently owned by Master Drill's daughter Lotie at their home on the desert island.



Season 1


Physical Appearance

His appearance looks very different between the series and the Nox TV special since the special was animated in a completely different art style than the series.

In the series, he has colors that look very akin to a hyena, with a mane like a lion, and a body similar to that of a weasel or a lizard.

In the special, he looks more like a typical dog with a white colored head and a black colored body with white spots.


  • Speed - He is able to run for miles within only seconds, even across the ocean.
  • Suction - He has the ability to suck objects, typically smaller creatures, into his mouth that are many feet away from him.


  • His two aforementioned abilities are very akin to two popular video game characters, those being Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby.