Icon Missing Hygiene (Passive)

Class: Eniripsa
Unlock/Evolution level: 20/120
Type: Passive

"By skillfuly switching between Nature and Agains Nature, the Eniripsa increases their Hygiene. And good hygiene leads to better heals given or received."

Level 1:

Level 2:

  • +15% Heals received if Eniripsa is not under Unnatural Remedies
  • With Unnatural Remedies, Element WaterSmall.png spells generate Hygiene:
    • Healing Word: +3 Levels
    • Invigorating Word: +4 Levels
    • Revitalizing Word: +3 Levels
    • Renewing Word: +2 Levels
    • Fortifying Word: +7 Levels

Eniripsa Elemental Spells:
Spell Eni PsykoFlask.pngSpell Eni InfectedFlask.pngSpell Eni FearFlask.pngSpell Eni LethargyFlask.pngSpell Eni PainFlask.png
Spell Eni EtingMark.pngSpell Eni AmilMark.pngSpell Eni ItsadeMark.pngSpell Eni Refund Mark.pngSpell Eni Here Mark.png
Spell Eni HealingWord.pngSpell Eni RevitalizingWord.pngSpell Eni WordOfRecovery.pngSpell Eni RenewingWord.pngSpell Eni WordOfInvigoration.png

Active Support Spells:
Spell Eni Regeneration.pngSpell Eni Transcendence.pngSpell Eni SuperConey.pngSpell Eni Enirazer.pngSpell Eni CounterNature.png

Passive Support Spells:
Spell Eni Absorption.pngSpell Eni Constitution.pngSpell Eni ExpertHealer.pngSpell Eni HealDrain.pngSpell Eni ExplosiveMark.pngSpell Eni Master Propagator.pngSpell Eni Regenerator.pngSpell Eni Mass Aid.pngSpell Eni Transgression.pngSpell Eni Natural Grace.png

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