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They are a group of humans with most of them having blue eyes and blond hair. Masters of elemental runes, Huppermages combine the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth to create breathtakingly powerful spells. Driven by their thirst for knowledge and the importance of their mission, they tirelessly study ways to re-establish the Krosmic Balance, guarantor of stability in the World of Twelve.

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Class spells

The class spells available to members of the {Huppermage class are (Common Spells are not included):

ElementLevelIconSpell NameCostEffect
Element FireLarge
0Spell Huppermage ResonanceResonance4Action pointDamage, extra damage with air rune
0Spell Huppermage Energy FluxEnergy Flux2Action pointDamage, grants fire rune
0Spell Huppermage Shiny OrbsShiny Orbs3Action pointDouble damage, can crit twice.
0Spell Huppermage Light of DawnLight of Dawn5Action pointDamage. Extra damage with fire rune, consumes fire rune
0Spell Huppermage Twilight BeamTwilight Beam4Action pointDamage, extra damage per QB.
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element WaterLarge
0Spell Huppermage DownpourDownpour2Action pointDamage, straigth line.
0Spell Huppermage WallopingWalloping3Action pointDamage, -crit with water rune
0Spell Huppermage Glistening HaloGlistening Halo2Action pointDamage, switches enemy lock and dodge
0Spell Huppermage VestigeVestige4Action pointDamage, -1AP with water rune
0Spell Huppermage Glistening TearsGlistening Tears3Action pointDamage, reduces crit after a crit damage
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element EarthLarge
0Spell Huppermage CollapseCollapse3Action pointDamage, steals earth mastery
0Spell Huppermage BackbandBackband4Action pointDamage, generates armour with earth rune
0Spell Huppermage Light ArrowLight ArrowAction pointDamage, increased damage per rune
0Spell Huppermage EclipseEclipse6Action pointConsumes enemy armor
0Spell Huppermage Light SwordLight Sword2Action pointDamage, heals 20% damage per rune
Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Element AirLarge
0Spell Huppermage Diurnal ButterfliesDiurnal Butterflies3Action pointDamage, no need for line of sight, pulls with water rune, pushes with earth rune, fire rune doubles values of push/pull
0Spell Huppermage Luminescent DiscLuminescent Disc2Action pointDamage, reduces range with earth rune, inverts present runes
0Spell Huppermage MirageMirage2Action pointDamage, switch places with target, makes target immune to damage from direction it was hit.
0Spell Huppermage Dancing ShadowsDancing Shadows4Action pointDamage, teleports target 2 cells away is cast in straight line with air rune.
0Spell Huppermage MoonbeamMoonbeam2Action pointDamage, heals based in damage.
LevelIconSpell NameCost Effect
Element SupportLarge
Support Actives
136pxSpellAction point
Wakfu point
1536pxSpellAction point
Wakfu point
3036pxSpellAction point
Wakfu point
4536pxSpellAction point
Wakfu point
6036pxSpell1Action point
Wakfu point
LevelIcon Spell Name Description
Element SupportLarge
Support Passives
036pxSpell Effect
10/11036pxSpell Effect
20/12036pxSpell Effect
30/13036pxSpell Effect
40/14036pxSpell Effect
50/15036pxSpell Effect
60/16036pxSpell Effect
70/17036pxSpell Effect
80/18036pxSpell Effect
90/19036pxSpell Effect
100/20036pxSpell Effect



  • Huppermage's Rune is the only class that has 5 elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Light.
    • Light spells deal Chromatic damage (which means, the element equals the player's highest Elemental Mastery and/or enemy's lowest Elemental Resistance). Similar to Stasis.
    • This makes Huppermage the second class with multiple Chromatic spells.
  • Huppermages have their own school, The Huppermagic School, which can be accessed through Astrub and Zaap portal, called "Rok Island".
  • They are so far the only class without a Wakfu gauge.
    • However, each Wakfu Point gained equals 100 Quadramental Breeze.

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