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House of Trouble Map

The entire dungeon.

House of Trouble is a retired dungeon that was in the sewers of Astrub. It comes after House of Respite. This dungeon was retired with the Inglorious Riktus update.


It is located in the sewers of Astrub, to the north.


Room 1

House of Trouble Room 1

Room 2 House of Trouble Room 2
Room 3

Note: Baron Sramedi will summon three waves and then will also get out of the middle and start attacking.

House of Trouble Room 3


  • In room 2 and 3, there are Populated Pipes around the map. They can be used by the monsters to summon rats. If they are destroyed, they will disappear. It is also possible to kill the summons by killing the mob who used the Pipes
  • There is a Famished Mimik chest between room 2 and room 3.
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