The entire dungeon.

House of Destiny is a retired dungeon in Astrub. It was retired with the Inglorious Riktus update.


Entry strictly forbidden to all non-builders!

To avoid the reoccurence of past errors, adventurers, Sinners and black Drhellers are requested to continue on their way.

This is where all meetings regarding the reconstruction of our great city will take place.

Leave it to the professionals to build a better future for us all!

Michelangecrow, Builder of the Future.

P.S. Monday, organization of teams for the Crackrock quarry.


House of Destiny is found at (4,3) in Old Astrub.



Entry requires opening the lock with a Key of Destiny.


Room 1 House of Destiny Room 1.png
Room 2 House of Destiny Room 2.png
Room 3 House of Destiny Room 3.png

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