Holo 2 is one of the Territory achievements. Its tasks involve Thicket of Yurbut in Bonta.


Small holes, small holes and even smaller holes... it has to be said that the Thicket of Yurbut's hole is particularly deep and humid...


  • Go and see Yew Teeny
  • Find the Drago-Express in the Thicket
  • Set sail for new horizons
  • Find the Temple of Yurbut
  • Kill the lone Larva
  • Find the ruins of the Ghost Train
  • Nothing bad can happen to us now...
  • Find the source of all the bad problems in the forest
  • Get rid of the threat that looms over the forest
  • Meet a Nymph
  • Find the Dried-up Mine Chest



  • The name Holo 2 is reminiscent of the game "Halo 2".
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