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When fighting in combat, players and monsters inflict Damage on each other. This damage reduces the HP of the target, and when enough has been done that creature is defeated. However, Healing can be used to regain some of that lost HP

Most Healing is done as a specific elemental type. Bonuses to specific elements can be handled individually, though some equipment enhances all 4 elements equally. The damage bonus from Mastery also applies to elemental healing, as does the general Healing Bonus characteristic.

Healing spells

Class SpellEffect
EcaflipElement EarthMediumHeads or TailsHeal then Damage
Element EarthMediumJackpot15% chance to Heal
Element EarthMediumRouletteAoE Heal or Damage
Element EarthMediumShi-Fu-Miaow23% chance to Heal
Element EarthMediumThree CardsHeal, or -Resist, or +1 AP
EniripsaElement WaterMediumHealing WordHeal
Element WaterMediumInvigorating WordRebound Heal
Element WaterMediumRevitalizing WordAoE Heal
Element WaterMediumRenewing Word Heal
Element WaterMediumFortifying WordNo LoS Heal
SadidaElement WaterMediumMudoolHeal on Dolls and Totems
Element NeutralSmallTreeSelf Heal

States related to healing

Regeneration Heals certain % at start of turn
Zombification Healing becomes Damage

Relative Heals

A handful of spells will heal based on a percentage value rather than a fixed value. E.g. The Sacrier Spell "Gift of Life" transfers a fixed "10%" of the caster's life onto the target.

Class SpellEffect
EniripsaElement FireMediumSadist MarkTransfer HP %
SacrierElement NeutralSmallGift of LifeTransfer HP

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