This article is about the Ecaflip spell, for the emote of the same name, see Heads or Tails (emote).

Spell Eca HeadsOrTailsHeads or Tails

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 0
Type: Damage/Heal

Element EarthMedium
3Action point

1 - 4Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"Heads or Tails damages the target, before giving it back some HP."


  • -2(60) to 3(113) HP Element EarthSmall
  • Heals 1(100) HP Element EarthSmall (fixed)
  • If Trance passive is activated:
    • Heals between 1(37) and 1(55) HP Element EarthSmall
    • -1(100) HP Element EarthSmall (fixed)


  • -2(76) to 4(141) HP Element EarthSmall
  • Heals 1(100) HP Element EarthSmall (fixed)
  • If Trance passive is activated:
    • Heals between 1(46) and 2(69) HP Element EarthSmall
    • -1(100) HP Element EarthSmall (fixed)

Spell Information

This spell inflicts damage, then heals the target for a fixed amount of HP. If Trance passive is activated the effects are reversed and the spell heals then deals a fixed amount of damage.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage Min216314660
Trance Heal Min110192837
Critical Damage Min221395776
Trance Heal Min112243546
Fixed Damage/Heal1255075100


  • Heads or Tails deals its damage first then heals when the Eca does not have the Trance passive. This means that if the damage of a single cast is enough to kill the target, the healing will not prevent it.
  • The "fixed" damage or healing caused by this spell is not effected by the Ecaflip's damage modifiers.


  • Heads or Tails is often shortened to as "HoT".


Heads or Tails has previously appeared in Dofus and Dofus Arena.

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