Hazel Tree
Temperature reaction
Temperature Hot 25° Temperature Extra Hot 35°
Temperature Happy 5° to 25°
Temperature Dry
Temperature Cold -5° Temperature Extra Cold

Hazel Tree is a tree.


A level 5 Lumberjack can collect:

Harvest Time to harvest
Hazel Cutting Hazel Cutting 3.0s
Hazel Wood Hazel Wood 3.0s
Babezel Wood Babezel Wood 3.0s
Hazelnut Hazelnut 3.0s

Hazel Tree is a tree.


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Amakna Village 100%
Hugo's Prairie 100%
Farle's Fields 100%
Gobballfield Country 100%
Fertile Prairie 100%
Singing Fields 100%
Holey Forest 94%
Emelka 88%


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Bonta Ruins 90%
Monty's Prairie 90%
Gnarled Barklee's Forest 90%
Cania Plains 85%
Kara 80%
Cania Swamps 75%
Thicket of Yurbut 70%


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Brakmar Village 100%
Flask Garden 100%
Mr. M's Lands 100%
Mourning Wood 100%
Pabong Fields 100%
Sidimote Moors 94%
Gnashville 88%


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Sufokia Village 100%
Tydal Prairie 100%
Hanging Gardens 72%
Terrana Dune 100%
Turfo Canyon 100%
Jumpin' Jungle 94%
Steamulating Shore 88%


Location Chance to grow cuttings
Calamar Island 70%
Sadida Kingdom 70%

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