Haven Bag Gems are used to increase the size of your Haven Bag.

Haven Bag Gems are placed on the Gem console within your Haven Bag. You have a 3-by-3 grid, and each section can contain up to 2 of the same Gem-type (you cannot have 2 different Gems in the same section). A single gem will add a 4*4-sized room, two gems in the same section will make a 5*5 room. If you place 5*5 rooms of the same type next to each other, the gap between them will be filled in, granting you even more space.

All Haven Bags start with one Merchant Haven-Gem for free, which cannot be moved or removed.

Icon Name Effect Drop rate
Merchant Haven-Gem Merchant Haven-Gem Adds or expands a room dedicated to selling. 0.1%
Deco Haven-Gem Deco Haven-Gem Adds a or expands a room dedicated to decoration. 0.1%
Crafty Haven-Gem Crafty Haven-Gem Adds or expands a room dedicated to crafting workshops. 0.1%
Garden Haven-Gem Garden Haven-Gem Adds or expands a garden room, in which you can plant crops, wild plants and trees. 0.1%

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