Spell Eni AmilMarkHammle Mark

Class: Eniripsa
Unlock level: 9
Type: Mark

Element FireMedium
5Action point

2 - 5No LoS
AoE:Single Cell

"On top of dealing damage, this mark can redirect damage suffered by the target in a square around themselves. Under Against Nature, the spell increases the target's Enflamed level."



  • Natural: -6(143) HP Element FireSmall
    • Removes all other Marks, Places the Hammle Mark+1(10)
  • Unnatural Remedies: Applies or increases Flaming6(131)

Spell Information

A ranged spell that does not require line of sight. When cast it make a certain number of attacks on the target also inflict damage to surrounding fighters, friend or foe. When cast with unnatural remedies it add flaming levels to the target, but does not inflict damage.


  • To the next 1(50) hits taken:
    • Redirects 80% of damage on surrounding cells

Spell Progression

Effect Damage5326087115
Flaming Level5305580105
Critical Damage64075109143
Flaming Level63768100131
Mark Level 135710

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