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Guilds are permanent character groups, formed by players who share similar interests in game (PvE, PvP, Crafting, RP). Some benefits to being in a Guild include access to a Guild chat and bonus to Characteristics by Guild Costume. The guild menu can be displayed by pressing G.

Joining a Guild

To join a Guild, you cannot be part of another Guild. A member of the guild you're trying to join must invite you. The member must have the rights to invite others to their Guild. Just like group invites, it is considered impolite to invite a player to a guild without asking.

Guild Creation

To create a Guild you must use a Guild'O'Matic. At this point in time anyone who is not already part of a guild can create a new one. Doing so requires either: 10,000 Kamas or a Guildogemme

Guild Management

Guild Logos

When creating a Guild the leader must pick a name, logo (consisting of an image and a background) and the Guild's colors. These cannot be changed. For a Guild logo to be displayed a Guild needs to have at least 5 members. The guild colors will be on the Guild Costume.

Guild Level

List of guilds