Grufon (dubbed as Skribble in the English version), also known as Grav'Mar'Av's map', is a Minor Shushu sealed inside a map. He has been around for a long while and passed through several owners' possession.


The heroes first come across Grufon under the ownership of Kabrok and his wife Miranda, and they give the map to Yugo and his friends.

Seemingly, Grufon only gave them directions when they flattered him and refused when they insulted him. But, as he is a Shushu, he was deliberately getting them lost until they came across one of his former owners, Master Ratafouine, who explain what Grufon really is, and he only gives real directions if threatened.

Once the gang starts sailing to Oma Island, Grufon's map form is devoured by an Arachnee (a spider-like creature) but he possesses it and starts capturing the friends with his webs.

However, Yugo manages to convince Grufon to let them go by volunteering to be Grufon's Shushu Guardian and he returns to his map prison, and actually becomes more agreeable, but mostly to Yugo.

He makes a brief cameo appearance in episode 15 of Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar.


  • His French name Grufon is based on the French word griffonner which translates to scribble in English.
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