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Grougaloragran (or 'Grougal' for short) is one of the few Dragons alive, he and his twin brother Chibi were part of the Counsel of Six back on their homeworld, and on the World of Twelve before the fall of the Eliatrope people. He stayed on Oma Island for years, using an invisibility spell to hide the island as he watched over Yugo and Adamaï's Dofus. When it hatched, Grougal left with Yugo to search for someone suitable to care for him until his powers awoke. In the meantime, he stayed with Adamai on Oma and helped train him to use his Wakfu.



Grougaloragran is one of the first six dragons and has been alive since the start of creation. On the Eliatrope original planet Grougal served as the brother to the former king of the Eliatropes, Chibi. But when the war began he fought in it too. The war, unfortunately, seemed hopeless and sow he went with the Eliatropes as they left there world. When they landed on (to be) the World of Twelve, Grougal helped them to rebuild. But Qilby activated the Eliacube, starting the war again. When the war get worsem Grougal send's his little sister Nora and her dragon twin Efrim to retrieve the dead king Yugo and Adamai's Dofus and Qilby's Eliacube. After she got them she gave them to Grougaloragan and killed Orgonax.

After that the world got destroyed but hundreds of years later he returned served as the guardian of Yugo and Adamai's Dofus "since the dawn of time". When the Dofus hatched, Grougaloragran brought the infant Yugo to Alibert and returned to Oma Island to raise Adamai.

Season 1

After leaving Yugo with Alibert, Grougaloragan stayed to train Adamai on Oma Island. He taught Adamaï many things and in time, Adamaï saw Grougal as a father. Later, Yugo returned to Oma Island with his friends but Nox (who has been following Yugo) finds the island as well. Grougaloragan mistakes Yugo's friends to be evil( because of Rubilax presence) and tries to kill them. Yugo soon finds his friends and Grougaloragan and he explained the Eliatrope people's origin.

This reunion is interrupted when Nox arrives. The Brotherhood try to help, but Grougaloragan teleports them away, fighting Nox himself. The Xelor and dragon fight for long, but in the end Nox was successful. As he drained the energy from the dragon, he told Grougaloragan his plan. Before Nox could fully drain Grougal's Wakfu, Grougal sent his Wakfu back to his Dofus. He warns the Brotherhood about Nox's plan before he finally returned to his Dofus.

Season 2

Grougaloragran was reborn in his Dofus which contains him and his brother, Chibi. When Yugo and Adamai attempt to find the Eliatropes with the Eliacube and Grougal's Dofus, they accidentally free Qilby and hatch Grougal and Chibi.

Special Episodes

Grougal and Chibi appear in the beginning of the special episodes.


Before his most recent incarnation, Grougaloragran is an extremely powerful dragon. He speaks in the third person, like his dragon brother Phaeris.

After his most recent incarnation, he is extremely protective of Chibi and harbors a seemingly instinctive hatred for Qilby. As shown during the OVAs, he is something of a pest.

Physical Appearance

Grougaloragran is a massive black dragon at the beginning of the animated series, with blank white eyes, a white underbelly, and bushy white eyebrows, sideburns, and a beard. He has an underbite in this form.

He is able to shift his form to appear as a dark-skinned human with large pointed ears, long white hair, and a white beard. In this form he wears a long black robe.

After his death at the hands of Nox, he reincarnates with his brother Chibi when Yugo used their Dofus to access the Eliacube. As a hatchling, he is a small black dragon with a large head the size of the rest of his body, a dark brown underbelly, and small black wings.


  • Transformation - Grougaloragran can transform into multiple life forms which can help him achieve certain tasks.
  • Fire Breath - Grougaloragran can breath large amounts of fire.
  • Wakfu Sensing - Grougaloragran can sense other people's Wakfu and wakfu currents.
  • Magic - Grougal is a dragon and is very powerful in wakfu, meaning he is great at magic and spell casting. Grougal could break time spell's just by blinking and he could make sonic shock waves with a spell.
  • Flight - Grougal is able to fly at high speeds in both his human and dragon form.
  • Semi-immortality - Him being a dragon Grougal is immortal but can still be killed. But him also being one of the first 6, when he dies his is reborn.



Grougaloragran watched over the Dofus containing Yugo and Adamai for eons until it hatched. After the Dofus hatched, he left Oma Island with Yugo to find him a suitable human guardian - one who could care for him until his Eliatrope powers awakened. Grougaloragran cares deeply for Yugo, going as far as to risk his life against Nox multiple times to protect him.


As a fellow dragon, Grougaloragran raised Adamai alone on Oma Island. They have a father son relationship considering the fact that there brothers. Grougaloragan will do everything it takes to keep Adamaï save.


Chibi is Grougaloragan's Eliatrope brother, he seems to care of Chibi a lot even reborn as a baby, he still wants to keep Chibi safe.