Great Dragon

The Great Dragon is the incarnation of Stasis in the universe, the energy of destruction. Along with the Great Goddess, it was the first being in the universe. It is from their dance that the Krosmoz was born, and he is the father of the Eliatrope race. He is also the first dragon.


It is unknown when Great dragon came into existence, but it was long before the universe was made. Great dragon is the incarnation of stasis the energy of ultimate destruction. Dragon lived long before the God's, but there was another being just as powerful with him Goddess Eliatrope. Goddess Eliatrope was the opposite of Great dragon she was the incarnation of creation wakfu. The two great entity's fell in love and began to dance, the more they dance the more they loved each other. Until there loving dance birth the whole universe. They birth the universe and the universe birth the Gods. Dragon and Eliatrope supply the universe with wakfu and stasis keeping the balance in the universe.

Soon after the universe birth dragon created the primordial and the Eliatrope dragons.

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