A talking Bow Meow (similar to a cat) that Remington called his brother, which even Ruel found odd.


He is as sly and cunning as his brother, and like him not above using a double cross to get their way. Despite this, however, both brothers are shown to care about one another, as Remington chose to stay behind in the Shushu world to save him


Both he and his brother Remington were both seen shadowing Evanglyne on her journey to Rubilaxia and find Dali. They both followed after her to steal the shushu she carried Grufon. The two brother eventually confronted her in one of the abandon towns and attempted to take Skribble. Grany and Remington were eventually captured by ghouls created by Shadowfang. While they were brought to Rubilax, Grany followed Remington's lead and attempted to take all the Shushu in the palace. Grany took one of the Shushu and allowed the spirit to take over his body. The Shushu he possessed made him into a large beast and eventually, he lost control of the Shushu until he was freed. During the fight him and Remington he falls off the edge of a building, hanging upside down at the end of a rope. He promises Eva that he won't trick her if she saves him, however, when he gets to the ledge, he tries to kill her with a sword Shushu. Eva dodges the attack, and Remington ends up destroying the ledge he was hanging onto and plummets to his apparent death. However, it is revealed that both of the two brothers did survive the fall in Episode 8 of Season 2. He and Remington have seen again as prisoners of Justice Knight, during their imprisonment they met Eva and her friends again. While there he offered the team advice how to break out. Instead of thanking them he instead released an extremely powerful Shushu named Anathar. Later on, Grany, Remington, Percedal, and Yugo are taken to the Shushu world. In their attempt to escape Grany is used as distraction due to King Rushu's fear of cute things. Remington stayed behind in order to rescue Grany. Grany and Remington are seen again in Episode 20 Zinit as Rushu's personal pet and acted like a parrot squawking for King Rushu's amusement until they escape through the Shushu invasion portal. At the end of the Battle of Crimson Claw Archipelago, his brother Remington takes Eva hostage in exchange for Rubilax (in sword form) but is defeated. Both are then knocked into the sea and are presumed to be dead. However, they're last seen sailing into the sunset in a wrecked submarine.

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